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If you are having issues with your BlackBerry such as your call logs or SMS/Text messages suddenly disappearing, the information will help you clear up the immediate issues facing your device.

Other symptoms of low-memory on your BlackBerry include losing pictures that reside in your device memory, losing emails within the time period it is set to keep messages on the device, and often simply shutting down and rebooting.

To do 1ST: On your BlackBerry, go to Options > Status. Check the “File free” entry. The number is expressed in Bytes, so a number there of “10123456” would indicate you have 10.12 Megabytes of memory free to use on your BB.
While there is not hard and fast rule of how much “File Free”, free memory, is required, the symptoms above are most noticed when the free memory is below 10MB. The lower the number, the more likely you will experience loss of call logs, SMS and email messages. It is recommended to strive to attain a file free higher than 15MB.

Tips:Hard Reset a device without removing the battery
From Home Screen: ALT + Right Shift + Del

To do 2ND

Removing the battery on your BlackBerry and replacing it, will often clear up between 2-10MB of free memory.

NOTE: This is commonly referred to as a “HARD reset” of the BlackBerry, and is recommended by RIM for circumstances such as these. Doing so will not delete any settings, applications, data, or personal information on the device. Rather, it simply clears the cached memory of the BlackBerry and releases memory to be free that has been in use by other applications and not yet released.

With your BlackBerry remaining powered on, remove the back cover, remove the battery and hold about 30 seconds. Replace the battery and allow the device to reboot. Check the file free status again, at Options > Status. You will notice a marked difference.

To do 3RD:
Since web browsing results in cached files on the Blackberry, try clearing the browser cache:

Use the application loader tool to remove any unused applications, such as themes, ring tones, or third-party applications OR go to option>advanced option>application>Delete/Remove application from device.

NOTE: Please try not to install too many applications on your device as the device memory is limited to 64MB.When this device memory is full, it will start to do garbage collection by removing old emails/sms/mms/phone logs and etc.

Your BlackBerry device might even slow down or hang sometimes when there is not enough memory. It is always advisable to only keep applications that you require on the device and remove those that you don’t normally use