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Disini saya listkan device-device yang boleh digunakan untuk blackberry connect kat Malaysia yang saya sudah test..


Please check the software version:


Software Download at :


Sony Ericsson

software download at :


The Organiser software version can be located in the phone as follows: at the Main menu tap on More then tap System information and scroll down to see the organiser version.

BlackBerry Connect 4.82 Client Software

This file is intended for P1i organiser software versions:
CXCxxx xxx R6E30
CXCxxx xxx R6F41
CXCxxx xxx R6G05

BlackBerry Connect 4.33 Client Software

This file is intended for P1i organiser software version: CXCxxx xxx R6D23.


software download:

C720W @ S620




Palm Treo

Information from Blackberry website

A BlackBerry Internet Service account cannot be set up on a Palm Treo 650 or 680 smart device with BlackBerry Connect. BlackBerry® Connect™ for Palm OS® can only be set up with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Information from Palm website

Certain BlackBerry Connect features not supported, including BlackBerry Internet Service™. Requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.0 with Service Pack 4 or BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 or above
Restrictions and Information for TREO 750

  • Palm Windows Mobile 6 does not support the Blackberry Connect (BBC) service. Please do not install this update if you use the BBC service on the Treo 750 otherwise you will no longer be able to use that service on your device.
  • This particular download is available only until 31st October 2008

Please click this link for details:


software download at :


install Windows Mobile .97

or for maxis user please go to maxis website

Motorola Q 8

Motorola Q 9

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