Hotlink For Blackberry From Maxis



What a great news today…Hotlink with Blackberry Service!!!!!


Happy To Help

  1. vivian

    Can someone tell me how I can get a Blackberry curve 8520? I went all the way to the maxis outlet to get mine but they told me that there is no stock due to “high demand”. Then when i ask if i could sign up to the service they said no because there is no stock for phones so can’t sign up for service now, must buy the phone first! Please step up! I’ve been using ur service for so long. Don’t give me a reason to switch.

  2. Jesh

    Wanted to sign up for blackberry service with hotlink but how come i was told that i cannot sign up to the service because i must buy the blackberry curve 8520 phone? I already hv an older blackberry model why can’t i use the service for it? Still blackberry right? Why must i buy a new blackberry?

  3. Jessie

    You tell me the blackberry service is out on the 20th and when i go to get it on that date, it says that the phone will only be available after the launch on 24 October so must wait until then. This Saturday.. and its at pavilion only! Hello! Im not at pavilion! Its soooo far for me! Why make it so ma farn for your loyal customer!

  4. Jeshvina Singh

    I went to the Midvalley maxis outlet n they told me they don’t hv the blackberry curve n its only available at the Garden’s maxis center n they told me that even though the maxis website says the Blackberry will be out on 20th, the guy at the outlet sed that it will only b launched this weekend n that it will only b available to the public next Monday! Hello!!!! If that’s the case why u ask for people to reserve and sed that the service will be ready by 20th October? Now its past 20th and still no phone and no service?! Empty promise!

  5. steBen

    please compare carefully whatever package offered by any telcos. make sure u not been fool by them. specially M & D

  6. filbert

    how to make the connection on??

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