SIM Toolkit Control Error


This error when you bought from AT&T branded device.This device not be able to work with 3G network.You can managed to make a call when the network is 2G network.If you try to change the Sim Card make sure the SIM is 2G Sim card which is no more i guess.So go back with the dealer and change with other device which is not from AT&T.This us friendly reminder for the blackberry user…

Happy to Help

  1. Greatings, Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂

  2. JP

    Just change to the latest SIM card will work

  3. adasandiwara

    Bro, bisa tanya? My bold kok sering simcard rejected ya? Itu masalah device or provider?

    Bila aku restart, baru bisa. Tapi tetap kala kala simcard rejected.


  4. Jim

    Easy fix w/o buying new sims or anything like that.

    from the blackberry website d/l the Zain Kuwait s/w for the 9700. BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.726 (Multilanguage) is the version and the file name is 9700M_PBr5.0.0_rel726_PL5.1.0.121_A5.0.0.442_Zain_Kuwait.exe

    here’s the link to get it (should work)

    d/l and install this s/w on your computer like any other program and go thru the few instructions that there are. when it’s done it will ask if you want to start the blackberry desktop software … DON’T.

    once it’s installed go to ‘my computer–>c:–>program files–>common files –>research in motion–>apploader

    in this folder, there is a file called vendor.xml, ***delete this file***

    in this folder as well is an program called loader.exe

    run this program and go thru the instructions (I recommend choosing the option to backup your settings/emails etc).

    takes about a half hour.

    when it’s done, unplug ur phone and u should be golden.

    good luck.

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