Blackberry 9530 And 9630 Now Supported!!!




Recent updates and research, Maxis,Celcom and DiGi now is supporting CDMA phone ..why? Please find below explanations:

DiGi primarily uses the GSM1800 band and now with UMTS 2100 MHz (Good News)

Celcom uses dual-band GSM (900/1800 MHz) and 3G coverage covers most major towns where there is a telephone exchange and either HSDPA or EDGE services within 15 mile radius ( GSM UMTS maximum allowed range ) with GPRS as basic data coverage and NOW with UMTS 2100 MHz (Good News)

Maxis Is  provided over the 900 & 1800 MHz GSM band and as July 2005 and  2100 MHz UMTS band.

Happy to hELP

  1. John

    Are I sure?? I was planning to buy one… Does blackberry tour have a wi-fi??

  2. Fidel

    Bought this model! is this true? did u mean it could not even make calls or just the internet services?

    this is so frustrating.

    Thanks for the info….

  3. truth

    The blackberry TOUR is supported I’m currently typing this out as we speak.I am not certain if it works on celcom however it 100% works on Maxis. I freaked out when I found out that Celcom couldn’t support I thought Malaysia couldn’t support it or what. Apparently its just Celcom’s fault.

    • it is a good things for us ….apparently maxis already been upgraded their services to the next level….

    • Ms G

      Really? I’m currently using Tour. The internet on this thing is fine, but I can’t watch videos on youtube! Went to Maxis and they said that WAP is not supported on this device. I’m a lil bit confused. Same problem anyone?

      • Ms G,

        please refer to this post hope will help

        the setting is almost the same with other bb

        Happy to help

      • Ms G

        I’ve tried it n it works! Thanks! But I still can’t send mms and use this device as a modem to connect to my laptop. I got no prob connecting with Bold. Can u help? 🙂

      • Ms G,

        Try go to Option>Advanced option>Browser Push> make sure you check
        1.Enable Push
        2.Enable MDS Push
        3.Enable Wap Push

        Happy to Help

      • Ms G

        Checked! All enabled and all connection is allowed. Tried everything. Even with shark modem application, it won’t work :(. Don’t know what to do anymore. Wish I didn’t sell my Bold. Do u know anyone who wants to swap their Bold with Tour? This tour is only abt a week old. Email me if u do know anyone who wants to swap or if u have any solution to this prob. Your help is much appreciated. My email is Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks!! :))

      • Ms G,

        Will update you on this

      • Ms G

        U r very kind. Thanks 🙂

      • lilbon

        have you tried to open youtube with bolt browser applications…streaming youtube is as easy as 1,2, at > choose blackberry > quick download(bottom left)>enter quick download code:54289>and you just follow the procedure etc…and snappp voila! it should work 😉

      • lilbon

        revision: download the apps from your mobile…..

      • Dj

        I already check the Enable Push,MDS Push and Enable Wap Push but still can’t browse. What can do?

      • Dj…
        mean that there is no service book at your device….Most of the bb Tour not working properly with our telco…Tour is CDMA device and it only works with full 2100 mhz network…u can try to get 2G sim and it works

        Please use and visit for more info

        happy to help

  4. Norazhari

    This is the next best thing being produce by for BB phone, t has everything that I want from the Bold and Curve package, not the storm, I only wish the iPhone will support Blackbery connect like other phone.
    Am currently using Nokia61i to connect me to my office Lotus domino email with BB connect, t works well at this moment with 3G, another wish is that my Nokia has trackball navigator like the BB phone.
    Whta I need from my phone is ability to connect me to my lotus note email, 3G capability and a trackball to monouvare if not touch screen

  5. h20

    It works on a maxis line just gotta get it unlocked first

  6. Zorroman

    I just bought it from low yat and go to maxis to configure it from my existing bb curve works pretty well with the assistance from maxis staff…very cool bb with 3G..
    however, they dunno how to remove My Number appear 012345789

  7. nhnz

    hey all,

    I bought a bb tour on Monday at low yatt and i think had a miscommunication with the seller and i can’t use the phone because i have an existing celcom line. I can only make/receive calls and also send text messages. It would be a waste to use the bb like a normal phone. My ultimate reason to use the bb is to get on YM/bb messenger around the clock. So, i would like to know if celcom is coming out with bb tour soon or at least the service for it? Any news?

  8. nitro93n

    Hahaha… these guys is really make a joke.. 1st ly I though that he is right when he mention Storm 9530 won’t work with celcom… I manage to make it run.. how he mention again about BB tour.. I don’t think so… I believed only on how to do the setting to to get it connected to the server and getting the service book to be delivered to your BB… If the STORM 9530 is also CDMA and I manage to get it work.. it’s the same as BB TOUR..

    • HI Nitro,

      Nicely done…Good luck to you and the rest of BB user ….I’m just a normal people who is trying to help BB user.That’S why i’m here…..
      Happy to hear it..

    • Nousha

      Hi Nitro,

      I’ve just recently bought BB Tour, the main problem is that according to Celcom personnel the Phone has yet been supported by CELCOM. Since, ur earlier email saying “only on how to do the setting to to get it connected to the server and getting the service book to be delivered to your BB”, can ur goodself explain / assist how to get it used and connected to celcom.

      Secondly, does anyone here help me how to send MMS from BB Tour. I was searching for the thing like hell.

      N lastly, when i receive a call, the name of the caller does not appear in the screen eventhough the caller’s name has already been saved. Kindly assist.

      Thanking you.

  9. eze

    will it support BIS ?

  10. Nabeel

    I have a BB Tour 960 Verizon but I cannot play you tube videos..

    I went to the link posted on this page for the setting but still cannot…

    It says,

    maxis:net/unet(maxis and wap(password)

    So what should be my username and password?

    Can anyone please help me!!

    Appreciate it!

  11. duke_hanz

    nitro93n: bro I want to ask u how u run the tour with celcom? I just bought the tour but it doesn’t work with celcom. Can you provide the setting? I’m glad if u can help me.

  12. duke

    How to setting bb tour verizon and make it work with celcom? Anyone can help me? Please contact me at

    • skut

      i also bought this blackberry Tour few days ago.. and i cant connect to the BB service. im using celcom.

      looking up this problem..

      is there any progress solution??

  13. khaira

    i was wondering how much is a bb tour??

  14. Cedric

    I setup everything for DIGI. Everything works fine.

    Except for 2 things.
    The Phone Number from verizon 8451234567 cannot be replace, even i go to option>advanced option>Sim card>option>edit sim phone book.

    Second: 30% of the time edge is not shown in CAPITAL Letters EDGE, which means no BIS services. Does anyone come across such thing?

  15. Cedric

    After some major tuneup of the Tour 9630 with Digi BIS SmartPlan, it works like a charm!!!

    1. MMS Works
    2. Emails works
    3. BB Chat works
    4. 3.5G/UMTS works
    5. EDGE GPRS works too.
    6. Battery Lasted about 7hours intensive use.

    This will not work with CELCOM. They refuse to do the settings in the RIM Website to send the service books.

  16. Duke_hanz

    Hi Guy.
    I know how to change to ur no in verizon tour.. Just ask me throught my email I will explain how to make it…

    Happy to share everything about BB..


  17. EddyBear

    hey Cedric,
    glad to hear that your Tour 9630 with Digi BIS work well.
    i am thinking of getting it,
    could u show your major tuneup?


  18. Tour

    anyone know that maxis is having problem with bb tour now? their customer service said is better to give up the phone or wait for them to rectify the problem…

  19. aidi77

    i’m currently bold 2 and Tour user. i had problem on my tour bb since last december. somebody told me Maxis undergo some upgrading onto the system. So now i cannot use my Tour to BBM and using the internet as well. for the last 3 weeks i can only receive and make calls plus now Tour can MMS. I heard the Tour user have to upgrade the software, do anybody knows about it .very frustrating

    • n1eza

      I use BB Tour with Maxis..& had the same problem. I called the helpline today and they confirm that they did not support Tour 9630 officially. They even suggest me to buy 1 of their BB..I refused & terminate my BB Service immediately since I did not get any value added service anymore..can’t check email whatsoever via my BB Tour now! hmm.. thinking of switching to DG now. Any one is still using Tour 9630 with Maxis & still working???

  20. slesh

    recently bought the TOUR 9630 and worked fine with Maxis prepaid BIS for about 3 days and went bust…very frustrating now just works like any other phone…can somebody suggest something that works before i trade it off for a more user friendly phone? You can email me at


  21. clint

    Hi.. I had BB storm 9530, BB storm 9530 were wi-fi? If being available, please helped me the active method wi-fi.. Thank you…. -clint-

  22. vijay

    hi there, i just bought bb tour9630 verizon model.i am using celcom xpax.any idea how to configure the BIS,although i have activated my bb service.still i dont see the bis logo on my screen? need help urgently..thanks you can sms me 0178861420..thank you

    • Vijay…

      if your bought it from verizon, case scenario, there is a issue where by the apn still hook with the old telco.So by any luck try to register with maxis or digi…it works on digi…

  23. EddyBear

    Own the BB Tour 9630 with Digi Corporate Plan,
    all work wells.
    Only problem…got sms issue with certain number for Maxis telco.
    where u can receive the sms and the sms reply will never reach the other party.

    Managed to solve it and all good so far.

  24. hey hi, i just subscribe BIS with maxis, the problem is the device cant be use 😦 why?

  25. Hi,

    I lost my Storm recently, and replaced it with Tour. It works fine as a phone, but I couldnt get it working with browser as well as BIS.

    I tried to register it to the maxis network by doing this:

    Options>Advance Options>Host Routing Table>Register Now.

    Then it says “Registration Message Sent!” But nothing happens after that. Then I logged in to and sent Service Books, and it said “Service Books Successfully Sent!” But nothing happens, too.

    There is also no browser icon in my Tour. I tried to setup my mails using the Setup Wizard, but the only option there is “I want to use a work email account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server”. There is no BIS option, only BES.

    Any idea?

    • Mind…

      Most of the tour cant be use at any telco in Malaysia…fact is, the device is CDMA phone and required 2100 mhz network to work/hook on bis or bes.But only certain area equipped with the net.
      i would advised you to find a friend,with DiGi line and test it…hope it will works

      Please use and visit for more info

      happy to help

  26. Dj

    I bought Blackberry tour and whenever i want to browse, it shows me “Your device does not currently have any browser configuration Service book Entries” Can anybody tell me what i can do?

    • Dj…
      mean that there is no service book at your device….Most of the bb Tour not working properly with our telco…Tour is CDMA device and it only works with full 2100 mhz network…

      Please use and visit for more info

      happy to help

  27. Lim Wai Yee

    I have a BB Tour which I purchased and have been using in the USA. Next month, I will be visiting KL and want to be able to use my BB while in KL for phone and data services. In order to save costs, I would like to replace the SIM card I currently have with one from a local service provider. Can you please advise which provider would support the BB Tour and which will provide the best coverage for phone and data services within Klang Valley? Thank you very much for your advise.

  28. daniel

    Hi All,

    Im using blackberry tour with DIGI and it works well.
    But since last Friday my BIS is not working, already check with DIGI and after they investigate, they say that Verizon is doing some maintenance.
    And there are no solution till further notice, so I just want to know does anyone encounter the same issues as mine.


    • daniel,

      a lot of user experiencing this, not only you.there is no such a maintenance.The device actually not supported by our local carrier if you asked DiGi.

      i would suggest that you try to downgrade the should be ok.

      happy to help

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