Unable to detect the BlackBerry Storm smartphone after installing BlackBerry Media Sync


It appears the issue is being caused by device firmware. At this stage telco doesn’t offer any firmware to update .

Doc ID : KB16455
Last Modified : 2008-11-24
Document Type : Support


  • BlackBerry® Storm™ 9500 Series
  • BlackBerry® Media Sync
  • SDR264548


After installing BlackBerry Media Sync while the BlackBerry Storm smartphone is connected to the computer, BlackBerry Media Sync opens, but displays an error stating that it cannot connect to the BlackBerry smartphone.


This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.


Disconnect the BlackBerry smartphone from the computer, restart the computer, and try again.

Got it from: Blackberry Forum

  1. zaki kudus


    Itu hari hang lupa nak ajaq aku cara nak connect BB ke computer utk jadikan internet.

    Pls advise

    Zaki, Sheffield

  2. Zaki Kudus,

    Bukan lupa, hari tue kan hang tak tahu ‘Extra initialization Command’ dia…tue yang x sempat nak buat..hang kena tanya O2 la aper dia nyer code…

    Hang boleh refer post nie..


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