STORM 9530 Not Supported??


This is A Friendly Reminder…

Blackberry Storm 9530 not supported for ASIA PACIFIC (Malaysia)..Do not Buy or you will regret it..I’ve been tested a few devices and the result was not so good.please Make sure the Blackberry Model before buying .Make Sure the Model IS A STORM 9500 only.We might be getting the CDMA BlackBerry Storm 9530 with GSM worldphone abilities on Verizon at the States only, but the rest of the world doesn’t need both of those radios, and now we have confirmation of the GSM-only BlackBerry 9500.

Happy to hELP

  1. To All,
    for those who can use it..please let me know ok..

    Happy to help

  2. Kevin Collins

    Hello friend, i need a help from you. i have just bought a blackberry storm 9530 from a friend in malaysia. I dont know if i can be able to use the blackberry model? i am afraid it cannot work here in malaysia. I will appreciate if you can enlighty me more on this. Thank you


  3. Hasmadi

    9530 only can browse with opera. most of the funtion disappear such as browser, service book, etc. who can help?

    • Hasmadi..
      Nothing much you can do about it…The infrastructure still not available for CDMA devices..
      if you can get the GPRS/EDGE signal then the bis service Will up…but most of the time it will hook with 3G

      happy to help

  4. sabri

    hi everybody,

    anybody can help me on storm 9530.unable to use BIS.
    What step shud i take to have this fucntion


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