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BlackBerry Bold users can download this unauthorized pre-release version of OS for their smartphone from this link.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 can download this unauthorized pre-release version of OS for their smartphone from this link.

Desktop Manager 5.0 is also available from:

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Download and istall at your own risk

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To successfully receive email messages on the BlackBerry smartphone from an integrated Post Office Protocol (POP) email account, make sure that any email applications that are configured to access the POP account have been configured to leave a copy of email messages on the messaging server.

With BlackBerry Internet Service 2.6, BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers will receive a personal identification number (PIN) message notification containing instructions on how to keep a copy of email messages on the messaging server after a successful integration

The following is an example of the PIN message that might be received:

Subject: Action Required: Leave message on the server

Body text: If you use an email client (e.g. Microsoft® Outlook®, Mozilla® Thunderbird™, and so on) to access your <popEmailAddress> messages, change your email client settings to leave your email messages on the server. If the email client does not leave email messages on the server, the BlackBerry® Internet Service may not be able to deliver them to your BlackBerry® device.

To leave email messages on your email server you may need to complete the following steps:

1. In your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) on your computer, under Tools or Mail > Preferences.

2. Select your email account.

3. Locate advanced, server settings or options.

4. Select the option to leave email messages on the server.

Refer to your email client help for more information.

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Please check it out at

Rumors said that official launching will be somewhere in April. I’m expecting the price will about 2.5k +++.

So, BOOK now!!!!

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