Edit a document using Documents To Go


The following procedure also applies to editing Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files.

Open the email message that contains the attachment and highlight the attachment


Display the menu, and then select Open Attachment

To edit the document, select Edit with Documents To Go.

Once the document is open, display the menu, and then select Edit Mode.


You can now make any necessary changes.  If you display the menu while editing the document, additional features are available, such as Format (Bold, Italic, and Underline), File Properties, Show Symbols and more.

Once all the changes are made, press the Escape key and save the document.


Happy To Help

  1. msmambles


    Just to check and please do correct me if i’m wrong. User have to pay to installed this application? Those preloaded ones does not give you the access to edit the documents rite?
    If it’s true, is there any application that can be downloaded without payment?

  2. not necessary..caused you will given certain time of trial period
    if you continue to use it

  3. msmambles


    Sorry, i have tried at my end and getting an error requesting me to get the download the payable application. From there, there is a trial period of 1 month but i still have to fill up the credit card details.

  4. in that case,delete the application and load a new one…

    happy to help

  5. gooddayhot

    thank’s u

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