Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)

Installing the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) is a cinch. But to get it running is another thing. When something goes wrong, there are a lot of variable that can contribute to the problem.

Even after you manage to install the software, with correct permissions, maitenance releases packs etc… there will be problems with email delivery as it is closely linked with any one of the three mailservers (Groupwise, Domino and Exchange).

Troubleshooting involves studying the lgs files, checking permissions, etc. Usually, the clients need it repaired “immediately”, and it involves some Telco dude breathing down your neck… asking you what you are doing at every step.

Life certainly sucks for us BES Admins. Luckily we’re not Ce**** vendors. They toil so much for the Telco, who are slave drivers. But in the end, the vendor gets no credit.

Anyway… this is just my opening post. Just to let you know that BES is also covered on Suka Blackberry.

See you soon.

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