Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) For Exchange – Disaster Recovery Setup


Please remember that when installing BES for Exchange using local MSDE, disaster recovery does not mean cutover.

Time and again I have reminded my mentors about this, but they keep on using the BlackberryDBBackup.exe tool on the primary BES to backup the MSDE (BESMgmt) and move it to a new server and then use the BlackberryDBRestore.exe tool to restore it there.

This would result in having the BES name following the primary BES computer name.

The correct method is just to use a remote SQL server. So that failover is almost seamless.

  1. beyond me – I only just figured out how to change the text message alerts on my Bleckberry- leave it to those who know I guess.

  2. Lim


    How do you purchase BES 5.0 for MS Exchange in Malaysia?


    • Lim,
      No need to purchase you can simply download at blackberry web site.after downloading you need to have srp key license to activate it which is telco only can provide.

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