v4.6.0.216 For Bold

Software For BlackBerry® Bold (TM) 9000 smartphone

BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.365 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:

Consisting of:

* Applications:

* Software Platform:

* File name: 9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel365_PL4.0.0.183_A4.6.0.216_AVEA. exe

* File size: 95.83MB

MultiLanguage version here:


East Asian language version link here:

(File name: 9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel365_PL4.0.0.183_A4.6.0.2 16_Hutchison.exe)


1. Download the above OS file to the PC then install it to the PC by running (double

clicking) the

file you downloaded.

2. Go to c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader and delete the

file named


3. Plug in BB and double click on “Loader.exe.” It’s located in the same place as

the above

vendor.xml file.

Happy To Help

  1. Tim

    Thanks! This worked great!

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