New user for blackberry-Revision

Option 1

Registration for new account and get username For BIS

**Please make sure the Signal bar is indicate upper case of GPRS or3G.If the signal bar is indicate lower case of gprs or gsm, it is shows that the blackberry service still not activated or still not yet provision at network site.

1. Please obtain the PIN and IMEI at device. At main menu, select Options.

2. Select on Status

3.Please log in to


4. As a new user, click on “Create New Account”

5. Please tick for the term and condition and click “I Agree”

7. Please choose your username and password

8. For the integration, Please fill in your email and password. User also will be given one email under your bb service.


9. Now, you can see all the integrated email account.


Option 2 (Using device/handheld)

Click on this icon

1. Select “E-mail settings”

2. Loading (requesting)

***If using Celcom it wil appear vodafone but under maxis it will appear Maxis itself.

3. Select at “Create New Account”

All the procedure is the same according wih the web access.

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