Comparison BOLD (v4.6.0.126 and v4.6.0.190)


Comparison BOLD between v4.6.0.126 and v

126 190



appmemory-126 appmemory-190

What are already been improved

1. Memories capacity increased

2. No more hours glass spinning(hang)

3. I could say Batteries consumption are Low and power saving (Now goes for 2 days + without a recharge (unless for streaming)

4. Device is more stable than before

5. No more issue on Bluetooth, Document To GO

6. Browser speed is improved

Device is more stable than before

No more issue on Bluetooth, Document To GO

Happy To Help

  1. bicarasamaawan

    cool !!

    i already upgrade!

  2. cool!!!
    keep me update on the performance

  3. nash

    bos, how to upgrade

  4. azly

    Bro, I already download but what the step to download?


  5. azly

    BTW, Im Celcom user>>

  6. hi Azly…please refer to this post

    if you got from other provider make sure after installing
    go to >prog file>common file>RIM>delete the vendor XML

    happy to help

  7. azly

    Hi Bro Kapoot>>

    Thanks for your guidance>>

  8. waktong

    For celcom latest of for Bold was 4.6.162. Not much different except there is no more issues glasses icon, hang, application memory consumtion. Btw they hv latest OS which still under evaluations before release to the customer. Shud be able to download through celcom website or go to

    Powered by celcom bold

    • Hi Waktong,

      Celcom / Maxis have released firmware version But there is no documentation on what the firmware has fixed. RIM has been quite mum about the issue.
      The only thing that I use to test my own device to see what is the main issue with the firmware. So, if Celcom / Maxis can list down the documentation of the firmware, it will be better for all BOLD users and also for my blog 🙂

  9. thanks for the update waktong

  10. grindawangsa

    Hye, where can I get track ball extra for my bold?

  11. bicarasamaawan

    how much for 1 pcs?

  12. grindawangsa

    Can you sell it to me for 1 pcs

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