“Not enough storage space to perform this action” when trying to create, edit, or save a file in Documents To Go


Not enough storage space to perform this action. Please free up some space and try again.


This issue is not caused by Documents To Go, but is usually easy to solve. The problem happens when the hand held does not have enough free internal Device Memory for Documents To Go to function properly. Documents To Go needs to write temporary data to the internal Device Memory even when editing a file on an external media card. If there is not enough internal Device Memory for the temporary data, the above error message will appear.

That message can be confusing because there is a different measurement of free space called “File Free” in the Options application under Status. The File Free field shows the total amount of available device memory, but only some of that memory can be used for file storage. The amount of memory allocated for file storage is determined by a setting called “Device Memory Limit”. For example, if the File Free field shows 23 MB of available memory, but the Device Memory Limit is set to 5 MB, you will only be able to use 5 MB to store files (such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files). The Device Memory Limit can be increased in order to solve this problem.

To check the available device memory and raise the Device Memory Limit, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Check the available internal Device Memory:

  1. Open the Media application on the BlackBerry.
  2. Press the Menu button and choose Explore.


3.Highlight Device Memory, then press the Menu button and select Properties.

dtg2 dtg3

4.In the dialog that appears, check the percentage of used device memory (under the small pie chart).

If the used device memory is close to 100%, there may not be enough left for Documents To Go to write temporary data, resulting in the error message. To fix this, try increasing the Device Memory Limit on the BlackBerry by following the steps below:

STEP 2: Increase the Device Memory Limit:

  1. Open the Media application on the BlackBerry.
  2. Press the Menu button and choose Options.


3.Select the current Device Memory Limit setting and choose a larger size.



  1. Press the Back button, and choose to Save the changes.

After increasing the Device Memory Limit, you should see a lower percentage of used memory if you go back to check the Device Memory Properties.

If the Device Memory Limit is already set to the maximum size but you still get the error when trying to use Documents To Go, you will need to clear up some memory. You can remove extra languages installed on the device, or move your pictures, music, and/or other files to an external media card. I recommend having at least a couple hundred KB free on the Device Memory.

Sources :http://support.dataviz.com/support.srch?docid=14240

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