Blackberry Bold unable to open the excel file


Please navigate to the location on the device where the file is stored (Media Icon > menu key > Explore > Device Memory > home > user > documents) and attempt to open the file

Also check the application permissions in Options > Advanced Options > Applications > Documents To Go > menu key > Edit Permissions and make sure the permissions are set to “allow”

Happy To Help


  1. tere

    I did these and still have problems 😦
    My blackberry bold was working fine then one day it started to be very slow, and the screen will turn white with the clock. I took it to telecel (mexico) and they “fix it” but they delet all my info (contacts) and folders, downloads….i can see the documents that are saved. But if i open an email it will not do it, and before it was. What do you suggest? Gracias

  2. waktong

    Ur bold turn to be slow due to low memory at ur application memory, plz do backup then use DM to remove ur unwanted emails, old sms or unwanted data. Do hard reset once you finish deleting all those unwanted data. Most probably u not be able to open doc to go due to low memory at application memory. You can double chexk ur memory status by clicking at options, memory. There was 3 types of memory, 1. Application memory, 2. Device memory, 3. Memory card.

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