BOLD App Management


For Those who using Bold ,need to make sure your application memory not running low (BOLD used a processor to operate(624 MHz processor).

To check: Go Option>Memory

1st Reboot


Used Bold for about 5 minutes


Make sure all the applications when finished need to close properly not just click on the back button.If your application memory is running low the blackberry will automatically restart and hang for sure.This is from the observation that I’ve been made.

Happy to Help

  1. bicarasamaawan

    my blackberry unable to send sms and my device always hang when i chose address to send msg. why?

  2. Hi there,
    Please check on option>SMS>Please make sure (network send over is CS)
    -If sms you need to select/choose contact number not address.
    Happy to help

  3. bicarasamaawan


    thanks!! 🙂 my blackberry feel better.

    one more question, how to make sure that application running fast?

    how to maintain the application memory?

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