Mobile Network Theory For Dummies


I just playing with my basic theory on mobile network.Please correct me if I’m wrong caused i’m not the engineer.But this is came out from my understanding.


As we know, for the provider itself they’re offering a lot of products for consumer : like USB modem, blackberry and phone service.When we looked back for the past few years back for people having a phone with 3G enable it’s quiet low/expensive and  they’re still running on 1.5 or 2G phone enable..

But compare as for now, i would say Most of them 90% having a phone with 3G enable with it.If you ask the BANG LA as well they’re having a Nokia N70 which is 3G enable .The point is, how far,determine,focus, they’re(telcos) on consumer need?

I will create a scenario on this.For example:


capacity BTS:100 users

USB Modem:30 users

3G phone:40 users

Blackberry:20 users

2G phone:10 users

Let says in one time: this 100 users is browsing.what would be the speed ? the answer is damn slow man.My guessing is the priority definitely for  USB modem(HSDPA) and it could be drop to 3G.3G phone and blackberry will goes for EDGE/GPRS.2G Phone will having no connection??perhaps? I DON’T KNOW.This is not plus with the people outside KL who traveling around KL.

Can you imagine if your are having a BOLD with HSDPA enable but you can’t enjoy the actual speed????

Happy to help

  1. katebang

    You are absolutely correct!
    Telcos in Malaysia only know how to make money out of it. But to support and provide a quality within the service is another thing. We as a consumer just do not have the option. Maxis, Celcom, Maxis, Celcom… over and over again. No point of promoting the second generation of HSDPA 7.2mbps if 1mbps is mountain to climb…

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