Blackberry As tethered Modem Using Vista


Blackberry As tethered Modem Using Vista

This guide is set up specifically for the Blackberry as a modem on Windows Vista. You will also need the Blackberry Desktop Software 4.1 or later.

At this point, Make sure you have already installed the Blackberry Desktop software version 4.1 or later and that the modem is correctly installed (this is part of the standard install for the desktop software).

To verify this, from the start menu, select control panel:

1. In the top right corner, type “phone modem” in the search box.

2. Select Phone and Modem Options


Select the Modems tab.

You should see “Standard Modem”. This is the Blackberry Modem.


Select “Standard Modem” from the modems tab and click the Properties button.

In the General tab, select Change Settings on the bottom (you must be an administrator to change these settings).


Click Continue on the User Account Control Security warning that follows.

Under the Advanced tab, you must be sure to enter the Extra Initialization Commands:

AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”CELCOM3G”  (Celcom) 

AT+CGDCONT=1,”P”,”NET” or “UNET” (Maxis)


Click OK.

Next, from the start menu, select control panel:

1. In the top right corner, type “set up connection” in the search box.

2. Select Set up a dial-up connection


Next select Connect to the Internet.

Select Next.


If you are prompted to use a connection that you already have select No, create a new connection. Select Next.


In the “How Do you want to Connect?” box, select the last option: Dial-up.


Select Standard Modem as the modem to use.

Enter the following information in each box:

Dial-up phone number: *99#

User name:

1.[leave blank] for :Celcom

2.Maxis is :maxis

3.DiGi is:digi


1.[leave blank] for :Celcom

2.For Maxis is :wap

3.For Digi is :digi

(I renamed my connection name to: Blackberry Connection, you can pick your own creative title)

Select Connect.


Now you have to Turn Off IP Header Compression.

To do this, from the start menu, select control panel:

1. In the top right corner, type “connections” in the search box.

2. Select View Network Connections


Next, right click on the Dial-up connection that you have just created and select Properties.


Then go to the Networking tab.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) (be sure to not uncheck the box) and then click Properties.


Then click the Advanced… button.


Within the PPP link section, uncheck Use IP header compression


Click OK to close all open dialog boxes.

Next go back at View Network Connections>click the blackberry connection and dial.

If prompted by the message “Internet connectivity test was unsuccessful”, If you still get an error after checking all settings you can try to resend your service book by clicking your Blackberry Options >> Advanced Options >> Host Routing Table. >> HIT MENU, then register (on your Blackberry device).

REMEMBER: The Blackberry Desktop software must be running while you have your Blackberry tethered via the USB cable to use the device as a modem.

Happy To Help


  1. azly

    Hi there..

    Im follow the instruction guide for Blackberry As tethered Modem Using Vista but still cannot get the connection.

    Do i have to set up the modem mode enable on my bold? How to set up?

    BTW, im Celcom user >>

    Thanks in advance

  2. 1.What is the error??
    2.have your query the modem(under diagnostic)?
    3.Have double check the Extra Initialization Commands at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”celcom3g” for celcom?do not copy and paste..
    4.Modem Mode Enable is auto when you use bb as a modem>

    please do refer this article:

  3. Andrew

    Hi…i really need some help here…Can anyone help me on How to setup my blackberry bold as a modem on my Macbook air? PLSSSS HELP!

  4. RayZ


    I have followed all the instruction, but still unable to connect. It says “failed to connect to Blackberry”.
    FYI im a vista user and using storm.

    what should i put in area code of the dialing rules? currently i juz randomly put is as “0000”.

    any advice?

  5. ryo

    saya pengguna bb8310 provider indosat m3 di Indonesia tanpa BIS, bagaimana cara seting modem di vista? saya pakai desktop manager 4.2, terima kasih

  6. ilyani

    I have followed all the steps but i still can’t connect. it says hardware failure on modem. I have tried setting at windows xp and it works fine. But in vista i can’t.

  7. rizal zulkapli

    i need help. i dont know how to contact you but i need help.

    my trackball is busted. please help me as to where i can repair the trackball in kl

  8. rizal zulkapli


    am trying to use my bb as a modem too, tried your instructions.

    received the 680 error.

    i am using a bb javelin and windows xp.

  9. debbiewicked

    Hi there,

    I am getting an error that says the PPP link protocol was disconnected. What does that mean?

    I am on vista, and have configured everything as you said.

    Pls do help, thanks.

  10. debbiewicked

    i found the solution!!

    apparently for maxis you have to put “unet” instead of “net” in the extra initialization command box. 🙂

  11. JP

    I can connect to Internet from my notebook with my BB Bold already!

  12. richard

    I connected succesfully but with limited connectivity, so I can not surf the web, can you help me please??

  13. yeriko

    saya pakai xl,trus Extra Initialization Commands diisi apa yah?thx

  14. caroline

    I’m using BB Tour and I had follow all the steps but I still fail to connect the internet on my desktop! I’m a windows vista user. Please help!


  15. all,
    Do Not Copy and paste the Extra Initialization Commands..
    you must type by your own …

    happy to help

  16. bayu tri

    Kenapa accsess nya local only yah??? I’m using vista please help me

  17. azzira

    hi, i use bb curve 8310 with maxis and laptop with vista. i tried to connect it as modem and failed many times. i has standard modem com10. when i try to do “how u want to connect?” no option of standard modem appear. i’ve no idea wats wrong. pls help

    • Azzira please downlowd new desktop manager…no setting required just select the telco.Just select IP Modem:
      Software For BlackBerry Desktop Software v5.0 Service Pack 1 (5.0.1)

      Please use and visit for more info

      happy to help

  18. Hi there,
    Just wanted to say thanks a lot to you. You have helped me a lot. Its working!

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