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For Those who using Bold ,need to make sure your application memory not running low (BOLD used a processor to operate(624 MHz processor).

To check: Go Option>Memory

1st Reboot


Used Bold for about 5 minutes


Make sure all the applications when finished need to close properly not just click on the back button.If your application memory is running low the blackberry will automatically restart and hang for sure.This is from the observation that I’ve been made.

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I just playing with my basic theory on mobile network.Please correct me if I’m wrong caused i’m not the engineer.But this is came out from my understanding.


As we know, for the provider itself they’re offering a lot of products for consumer : like USB modem, blackberry and phone service.When we looked back for the past few years back for people having a phone with 3G enable it’s quiet low/expensive and  they’re still running on 1.5 or 2G phone enable..

But compare as for now, i would say Most of them 90% having a phone with 3G enable with it.If you ask the BANG LA as well they’re having a Nokia N70 which is 3G enable .The point is, how far,determine,focus, they’re(telcos) on consumer need?

I will create a scenario on this.For example:


capacity BTS:100 users

USB Modem:30 users

3G phone:40 users

Blackberry:20 users

2G phone:10 users

Let says in one time: this 100 users is browsing.what would be the speed ? the answer is damn slow man.My guessing is the priority definitely for  USB modem(HSDPA) and it could be drop to 3G.3G phone and blackberry will goes for EDGE/GPRS.2G Phone will having no connection??perhaps? I DON’T KNOW.This is not plus with the people outside KL who traveling around KL.

Can you imagine if your are having a BOLD with HSDPA enable but you can’t enjoy the actual speed????

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It wil compatible with the Storm’s version 4.7 operating system.You may try to download it AT link



For Myspace user, Now you can install a myspace application on your device instead of using your browser all the time.

  • Send and receive MySpace mail
  • Update your Status and Mood
  • View and send Bulletins
  • Add comments
  • Post your photos
  • And much more

Please use your device to download at link or download 1st at pc/laptop and add it using Blackberry  Desktop Manager

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Native Microsoft® Word, Excel® & power point® files on your Blackberry

for more detail please click on link


RepliGo Reader
version 1.0

RepliGo Reader is a full-featured standalone PDF viewer, similar to Adobe® Reader for your desktop and allows you to view native PDF files stored on your BlackBerry.

Modem Mode Enable-BOLD



When you use BOLDd as a Modem You will see the ‘Modem Mode Enable’

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Streaming With Bold


Wow!!!!..Now you can use THE BOLD for Streaming.The only things make it worst a lot is about the Network stability for 3G and hsdpa (HSDPA). And yes you be able to streaming With GPRS/EDGE/3G but for the blackberry BOLD sometimes it can and sometimes can’t.


But for the streaming make sure for the APN is there :

Celcom:celcom3g(leave blank for user name and password)

maxis:net/unet(maxis and wap(password)

go under Option>Advanced Option>TCP>


and you saved it.

Go for browser and surf on youtube (example)


read 1st and continue


on the youtube site,try to search video (example wonderpets)


select one of the clip



Switch to WAP


happy wacthing

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HTTP Error 413 – Request entity too large


Your Web server thinks that the HTTP data stream sent by the client (e.g. Web browser ) was simply too large i.e. too many bytes. What constitutes ‘too many bytes’ depends partly upon the operation being attempted. For example a request to upload a very large file (via the HTTP PUT method) may encounter a ceiling on upload file size set by the Web server.

413 errors in the HTTP cycle

Any client goes through the following cycle:

  • Obtain an IP address from the IP name of your site (your site URL without the leading ‘http://’). This lookup (conversion of IP name to IP address) is provided by domain name servers (DNSs).
  • Open an IP socket connection to that IP address.
  • Write an HTTP data stream through that socket.
  • Receive an HTTP data stream back from your Web server in response. This data stream contains status codes whose values are determined by the HTTP protocol. Parse this data stream for status codes and other useful information.

This error occurs in the final step above when the client receive an HTTP status code that it recognises as ‘413’.

Resolving 413 errors – general

This error seldom occurs in most Web traffic, particularly when the client system is a Web browser. The problem can only be resolved by examining what your client system is trying to do then discussing with your ISP why the Web server rejects the number of bytes sent by the client system.


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For Celcom User!!!!! You may try to download it Form CELCOM:

Software For BlackBerry® Bold (TM) 9000 smartphone
BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.292 (EastAsia)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

  • Applications:
  • Software Platform:
  • File name: 9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel292_PL4.0.0.155_A4.6.0.162_Celcom.exe
  • File size: 94.73MB

Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

HOW To Install it

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Blackberry As tethered Modem Using Vista

This guide is set up specifically for the Blackberry as a modem on Windows Vista. You will also need the Blackberry Desktop Software 4.1 or later.

At this point, Make sure you have already installed the Blackberry Desktop software version 4.1 or later and that the modem is correctly installed (this is part of the standard install for the desktop software).

To verify this, from the start menu, select control panel:

1. In the top right corner, type “phone modem” in the search box.

2. Select Phone and Modem Options


Select the Modems tab.

You should see “Standard Modem”. This is the Blackberry Modem.


Select “Standard Modem” from the modems tab and click the Properties button.

In the General tab, select Change Settings on the bottom (you must be an administrator to change these settings).


Click Continue on the User Account Control Security warning that follows.

Under the Advanced tab, you must be sure to enter the Extra Initialization Commands:

AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”CELCOM3G”  (Celcom) 

AT+CGDCONT=1,”P”,”NET” or “UNET” (Maxis)


Click OK.

Next, from the start menu, select control panel:

1. In the top right corner, type “set up connection” in the search box.

2. Select Set up a dial-up connection


Next select Connect to the Internet.

Select Next.


If you are prompted to use a connection that you already have select No, create a new connection. Select Next.


In the “How Do you want to Connect?” box, select the last option: Dial-up.


Select Standard Modem as the modem to use.

Enter the following information in each box:

Dial-up phone number: *99#

User name:

1.[leave blank] for :Celcom

2.Maxis is :maxis

3.DiGi is:digi


1.[leave blank] for :Celcom

2.For Maxis is :wap

3.For Digi is :digi

(I renamed my connection name to: Blackberry Connection, you can pick your own creative title)

Select Connect.


Now you have to Turn Off IP Header Compression.

To do this, from the start menu, select control panel:

1. In the top right corner, type “connections” in the search box.

2. Select View Network Connections


Next, right click on the Dial-up connection that you have just created and select Properties.


Then go to the Networking tab.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) (be sure to not uncheck the box) and then click Properties.


Then click the Advanced… button.


Within the PPP link section, uncheck Use IP header compression


Click OK to close all open dialog boxes.

Next go back at View Network Connections>click the blackberry connection and dial.

If prompted by the message “Internet connectivity test was unsuccessful”, If you still get an error after checking all settings you can try to resend your service book by clicking your Blackberry Options >> Advanced Options >> Host Routing Table. >> HIT MENU, then register (on your Blackberry device).

REMEMBER: The Blackberry Desktop software must be running while you have your Blackberry tethered via the USB cable to use the device as a modem.

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Copying it is easy but opening it is not straightforward.

Here is the whole procedure.

Connect blackberry device via the USB cable. The micro SD card in you device then appears as drive F: on your PC . Copy the text files from my PC to F:. Disconnect the device from the PC (BlackBerry can’t read the SD memory while it is connected via the USB cable and the SD memory is mounted to PC).

In order to open and view the text file, do the following:


  • Click “Media” icon on the home screen – this opens up the Media Application
  • Press the “menu” key


  • Select “Explore”


  • Select “Media Card device Memory”
  • Select “Blackberry”
  • Select “<filename>.txt”
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Can’t send MMS

You need to Re-send a service book and after that you would be able to send a MMS.

and if you get this error :


if this thing happen to, you just need to wipe handheld 1st or re-installed the Blackberry Software Version

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