(Software Version Update)

At last i got it from Celcom.What a worst week!!!! I’ve been struggling to use BOLD.I was wondering why they said the device/software version is still under testing and yet they’re pushing for sales???

Now the device is more stable than the previous…Till now it doesn’t given me a Hard time..Waiting for

Happy to help

  1. SMG

    Hi all Blackberry user…

    I just bought the Blackberry (BB) Bold 9000 early of this month (Oct08) from Maxis. Then I sell it by the end of the month.

    I having a problem using the BB to surf the local (Malaysia) online banking website. Further more I can’t browse any online flight booking (AirAsia, MAS and others). This make me very uncomfortable.

    Maxis Customer Support also unable to help me to solve the problem. They only provide the the setting to used. They also make a conference call with the customer support at US. The result, they conclude BB unable to surf any banking website and to view flight detail.

    Hopefully in future BB will improve their service and product. For me, it such a big lose of Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

    Could be the new BB Storm will solve the problem… Maybe?

    Please advise ASAP me any idea to log in local banking using BB… I still have 1 more BB Bold…

    Best regards,

  2. Smg….

    I fell sorry about your frustration on this blackberry…As far as i concern if you’re trying to access a secured website HTTPS:// .PHP :yes for sure like internet banking and booking online and that’s is not possible for Blackberry at this moment….blackberry can only support un-secured website LIKE JavaScript ,HTML AND WML and it could be a lot of reasons why RIM don’t allowing this (security measure)…
    I’m not so sure about the BB storm…but when i see the features it is all the same like others..

    happy to help

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