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How to use Calender on the blackberry

you be able to sync you Microsoft Outlook calender with device

Home Screen>Calender Icon

You can see Date,Day and Time

set a new calender

after that save it..

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How to use Memo on the Blackberry

Home Screen>Memo Icon

If you’ve the existing memo,you will see it

Select New to create new Memo

You can put whatever Title and note

and select save

Now you can see your memo

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When the Blackberry Internet Service connects to an integrated account (this occurs once every 15 minutes), it takes a snapshot of the entire inbox. Generally, if the integrated account’s message count is greater than 900 messages, the Blackberry Internet Service will time out
and no new mail will be brought over to the smartphone.
However, messages may still arrive on the smartphone if the Blackberry Internet Service can take the snapshot of the entire inbox quickly enough.

To resolve the issue, please move some older messages into a subfolder so that the Blackberry Internet Service can connect successfully with the integrated account.

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Help At Blackbery

For your information, you will able to get an assistance form blackberry itself

Home screen>HELP icon

you can ask about blackberry

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You may try to download it Form AT&T

Software For BlackBerry® Bold (TM) 9000 smartphone BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.298 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

  • Applications:
  • Software Platform:
  • File name: 9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel298_PL4.0.0.157_A4.6.0.167_AT&T. exe
  • File size: 93.32MB

Download here


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First locate the new device software that you have downloaded.

1.If you’re downloading using your provider.Run the setup program by double-clicking on it.Link

2. If you’re downloading at other provider make sure before you run the Blackberry Desktop Manager.Go to Program files>common files>Research In Motion>application loader> delete file vendor.XML….Link



The setup program will now run. Click “Next”.




The following window will open.


Click “Next”



Then click “Next”


The following window will display.

Wait for the status bar to be full, and then click “Next”



Check the “Yes, I want to start the Blackberry Desktop Software.” And click on “Finish”


Connect your device via USB. (You have to make sure that your device is connected in order to proceed)

The Blackberry Desktop Manager will then start.




On the “Add / Remove Applications” page, click on “Start”



The following window will display.


STEP #10

The window will then display device applications.

** You should leave all options (default) and click on “Next”.

STEP #11

The following window will display.

Click on “Finish”

STEP #12

The program will then load the new firmware onto the device.

Please wait until all tasks are completed.


STEP #13

Wait until the following window is displayed.

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***Courtesy From Baffled and Crackberry

At last i got it from Celcom.What a worst week!!!! I’ve been struggling to use BOLD.I was wondering why they said the device/software version is still under testing and yet they’re pushing for sales???

Now the device is more stable than the previous…Till now it doesn’t given me a Hard time..Waiting for

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How to Set up Alarm Clock on your blackberry

Home screen>clock icon

you can set up the alarm accordingly

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How to manage your emails form device with email server.

Reconciliation will allowed you to (delete/manage) manage emails form device itself.

Select the Messages Icon

Select Options and select email account

choose Prompt as default

So,when every time you would like to delete emails,

it will give you an option whether delete only at handheld or both at email server

And after that select “Reconcile Now” to confirm the option

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Rapidshare Premium Account

Pada sume forumers yang dah bosan download guna torrent… Ade lagi satu cara yang bole digunakan untuk memuaskan hati untuk download… gunakanlah rapidshare premium account… pada sesiapa yang penah guna rapidshare free mesti dah tau apa kekurangan pakai yang free.. please refer below for more information…  Grin

** With Premium Account, you are allowed to :
a) Download 50GB volume within 5 days.
b) Parallel Download.
c) Resume Download
d) Instant Start of Download
e) Use with any Download Manager Applications.
f) this account is valid for 1 month only.

Trading Procedures :
a) price : RM30(1 month only)
– harga boleh jadi lebih rendah bergantung pada kadar pasaran. aku akan inform kalo ade
penurunan harga
b) order : Maybank2u payment.
Email me @ to order include with the information as below;
– fullname
– address
– email address
– volume order
c) use premium account : usually you can get the username and password after 2days of payment and
can began to download.

Terms and Conditions :
**Guarantee : 1 month.
**Guarantee void if :
a. Lost Login ID or Password.
b. Closed by due to violate “Term of Use” which already stated by ( )
c. Closed by due to sharing account between users.
**Each PREMIUM account received will be no (0) point as account is generated from collector’s points.
**Payment : Cash in Advanced thru Maybank2u. Kindly refer “Trading Procedures” as stated below.
**NO SCAM, verified and .

Yet another problems with BOLD!!!!!!




Unable to register with the wireless

It’s has been a practice by Malaysian last minute action. For those who are using Bold .Please take a deep breath…

The software version either Maxis or Celcom is useless and outdated.(they all seem racing for the bold)

Please go install OR download by yourself the new software version at ROGER (alternative link)

Software For BlackBerry® Bold (TM) 9000 smartphone BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.292 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

  • Applications:
  • Software Platform:
  • File name: 9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel292_PL4.0.0.155_A4.6.0.162_Roger s.exe
  • File size: 93.43MB

Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.
Download here



This will solved your BOLD problem…

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1.QWERTY-style keyboard that allows you to quickly and easily type email messages and dial

How to change language(curve)

Go to language

You can choose which English Version (UK or US)

******To type capital letters, press and hold the letter key.

2.Sure type mode allows you to press each key once until you have typed an entire word. A list appears on the screen as you type as a the predictive typing system on the Blackberry. For example, to type Like and it will give you a choices to select the desired word.

******To type capital letters, press and hold the letter key.

3.Multi-tap mode allows you to press each letter until you see the desired letter on the screen. For example, to type HIT, you press 5 twice, 3 twice, and 2 once.

*****To type capital letters, press and hold the letter key.

How to change language (Pearl)

4.Number mode allows you to type numbers.

To type numbers, press the Shift key and press the number key

5.Symbol mode allows you to insert symbols.

To type symbols, press the Star key. Scroll to the desired symbol and click the trackball.

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Have you ever got this problem? it is because the operating system is corrupted or has failed.

***Performing a hard reset does not resolve this issues forever.What you need to do:

Download the appropriate Blackberry Device Software for your Blackberry device and use the application loader tool to reload it.

To perform this procedure, follow the steps below:

1) Remove the battery from the Blackberry device.

2) Double-click Application Loader in Blackberry Desktop Manager while the Blackberry device is not connected to the computer.

3) Click Next on the Welcome to the Application Loader Wizard screen.please refer link

4) When the Communication Port Selection screen appears, connect the Blackberry device.

5) When the USB-PIN option appears, click Next. The Device Application Selection screen should appear.

6) Re-insert the battery and allow the process to complete.

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how to delete the application from device instead of using blackberry desktop manager

Click at Option icon

advanced option


Select application that you would like to delete

**Do not delete the core application and system software,it will makes blackberry stop running!!!

I will suggest to delete only the third party application like facebook,opera mini etc

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This is the steps how to copy all phone book from sim card to Blackberry

Click Address book icon

You will see the the phone book entries in the blackberry

push bb Logo

You be able to sort all the phone book by:

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