Blackberry Connect On SonyEricsson M600i,P90i,P1i

I’ve been trying to search the screen shot application for SE but until now i didn’t get any!!!.Fuh!!!this is the best that i can do.Will update soon if i can get it

Check data connections configuration (only For M600i, P90i)

  • Main menu>Tools>Control panel>Connections>Internet accounts
  • tap More>New account>Data
  • Account name = kapoot (any name)
  • Address = celcom3g for 3G sim card and for 2G sim card
  • Uncheck at [username and password required]
  • tap More>TCPIP>IP config >select Automatically>Save
  • tap More>Proxy>uncheck [use proxy server]>Save
  • tap More>Log in>check [Enable PPP extensions]>Authentication>PAP >Save
  • tap YES for [If you want to use kapoot to connect to the internet or send and >Receive email; you must add it to a group account. Do you want to add Kapoot to a group account now?]
  • add to Group account>select Internet (default option) >Save
  • to confirm >tap Group>Internet
  • tap on kapoot>Priority>set to 1>Done>Save
  • Done

To begin the installation, please make sure you already have to :

Download the Blackberry Connect Software Version:to check> go to




For P1i, there are different version software for each phone/model.Need to get the correct Organizer version

Blackberry Connect 4.82 Client Software

This file is intended for P1i organizer software versions:
CXCxxx xxx R6E30
CXCxxx xxx R6F41
CXCxxx xxx R6G05

BlackBerry Connect 4.33 Client Software

This file is intended for P1i organizer software version: CXCxxx xxx R6D23.

Make sure you already Installed the Pc suited application:

Click On the Icon>make sure USB Cable is connected

Sync tine To Pc

Sample for P990i

Sample For P1i

After That Click on

Click Next

Select the BB Connect Software that already downloaded

Please check on your device to continue the installation

click at blackberry> you can see 3 tabs



Overwrite Phone Calender

Add tentative meetings to calender


You will  get the PIN number from here


service book

On the More Menu>

Happy To Help

  1. KURT

    How to do WipeHandheld on BB Connect at P1i

  2. kazuya87

    .bro bole x gua nk pkai browser opera mini utk ganti blackberry browser, tapi still gune connection blackberry?
    lg 1 nk tnye, gua teringin nk pkai yahoo messenger kat P1i ni tp die mcm opera mini gk, die xgune connection blackberry.plz help tq

    • Hi bro..
      Boleh saja pakai operamini kat blackberry, kira dia macm application line an still pakai bb connection…kalai P1i dia pakai connection mobile la..Hanya untuk email je dia pakai bb connection…Dia susah la nak explain la

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