Email is not being forwarded to device-Blackberry Desktop Redirector

  1. The Blackberry Desktop Redirector cannot run and no messages will be forwarded to your handheld. Your desktop computer / outlook must be on any time you want to receive messages on your handheld.
  2. If the Blackberry Desktop Redirector is not running, no E-mail messages will be forwarded to your handheld. Look for the Blackberry Desktop Redirector icon in the Windows System Tray on your PC. If it is there, the Blackberry Desktop Redirector is running. If it is not there, open the Blackberry Desktop Redirector by selecting Redirector from the Blackberry program group under Program Files in the Windows Start menu
  3. If you have the handheld in the cradle and you selected the option not to forward messages when the handheld is in the cradle, you will not receive any messages on your handheld. Take the handheld out of the cradle to find out if the messages are forwarding properly
  4. Have you created Microsoft Exchange Inbox assistant rules? If you have set up Inbox Assistant rules that move new messages from the inbox to another folder, they will not be forwarded to your handheld because the Inbox assistant moves them before the Blackberry Desktop Redirector can forward them. Once you delete the Inbox assistant rule, new messages should forward to your handheld. See your Microsoft Exchange documentation for more information .
  5. Have you set filter rules? If you have added some filters in the Redirector Configuration settings, you may have instructed Blackberry Desktop Software to send only certain messages to your handheld. Check the filters to make sure the messages you want to receive are being forwardbox assistant.

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