Blackberry Desktop Manager-Synchronization


The Blackberry can synchronize with other PIM software, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Netscape, and so on. This feature enables you to use PIM software on the PC while synchronizing data with the Blackberry. Whether you are connected or traveling, you always have access to the same information.

The available options are explored in the following sections.The Intellisync software allows you to easily synchronize information.

Configuring PIM Applications

Before you can use the Intellisync software, you must configure the desired PIM applications to work with the Blackberry.

The Intellisync window helps you easily configure the supported application(s) for this purpose.

The following steps show you how to configure the PIM application for synchronization with the Blackberry:

At Device:

Ensure that your Blackberry is connected to the PC and open the Desktop Manager

Click the Synchronize icon

Under Synchronization configuration> click synchronization

The Configuration dialog box appears, Select the type of application that you want to synchronize with (address book, calendar, MemoPad, or tasks), and then click the Choose button.

In the Choose Translator dialog box, select the application that you want to synchronize with

In the Synchronization option> Select how you want your calender data to be synchronized between device and outlook

Select your outlook profile

you’re done

Tip: The Advanced options may be slightly different, depending on the type of PIM application you want to synchronize with. For example, if you choose calendar, there is an additional tab that asks you about time and date synchronization.

Note:When you have configured the PIM applications that you want to synchronize with, you’re ready to run a synchronization. Notice that in the Intellisync dialog box, you have the option to synchronize the date and time on the PC with the Blackberry—an option you can enable by clicking the check box.

Note: If you choose to synchronize the Blackberry’s date and time with the PC, make absolutely certain the PC clock is correct. If you synchronize and the date and time are not accurate on the PC, it will disrupt any functions on your Blackberry that use date and time stamps (such as alarms, e-mail stamps, and so on).

Tip: Once synchronization is done, click the View Log button to see a log file of the entire synchronization process and all of the files that were synchronized.

Tip: Make sure you print your address book and keep a hard copy with you when you are traveling. In the event that your BlackBerry battery runs down, you’ll still have access to phone numbers and other needed information when you’re on the move.

Happy to Help

  1. amin

    saya sudah mengikut arahan tetapi tidak berjaya…

    desktop manager version

    microsoft office outlook 2007 (12.0.4518.1014)

    mohon pertolongan…selepas tekan butang “finish” tiada apa yang berlaku dan dia kembali ke ruangan choose….

  2. amin

    tambahan : hp blackberry bold 9000

    • hi Amin,

      1.Profile untuk ms outlook sudah create ke belum?
      2. Masa install BDM kena choose “Personal email” ..”Work email ” only for BES
      3.Make internet connection is on kalau nak sync dengan Yahoo account

      happy to help

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