A.K.A Htc-Raphael run in WM 6.1.For blackberry connect software,you can download 4.0.0100 at link.What will disappointing you? you can only integrate 3 emails account=3 mail boxes.The service book is very limited and registration via hand held is too slow.PIN will pending about 5 to 30 minute(force registration click “register now” for many times).Nothing special about this device and it will make your day miserable.I choose blackberry!!!!

Happy to Help

  1. Goh Kean Choon


    I recently download a Blackberry Connect software ( from a mobile operator in Singapore. I contacted Maxis and they said they are willing to try out the software for me eventhough they currently doesn’t support the Blackberry Connect for HTC Touch Pro. However, they wanted me to get a PIN and IMEI # from HTC in order to try it out. Do you know what PIN # or IMEI # (is this IMEI different from the IMEI # on the HTC Touch Pro) that Maxis is referring to?

    Lastly, do you know of anyone who had actually succesffuly use Blackberry services on HTC Touch Pro on Maxis network? I would like to get in touch to understand how to do the same on my HTC Touch Pro.

    Appreciate any help you can provide.

    rgds…KC Goh

  2. Goh Kean Choon


    You mentioned ver works perfectly, kindly share which network operator (Maxis or Celcom)?

    Actually, a new thread http://www.sems.org/entry.asp?ENTRY_ID=338 had been created, you can see the latest BB Connect ver is Also, a telcom operator (M1) in singapore also had BB Connect ver for download – http://www.m1.com.sg/filedownloads/exe/messaging/BBConnect_WM6_Professional_BB_4.0.0.104.rar. So quite sure 104 is the latest.

    Anyway, as long as it works with Maxis, which ver don’t matters. Let me know if when you are succesfull getting the .103 / .104 ver running on touch pro.

    Thanks for the help.


    • Yup sorry bro..i haven’t noticed yet the new thread…
      yup yes .104 is latest one… fine with celcom….Actually it doesn’t matter which version installed as long the service is up and connected–

      happy to help

  3. mark

    I have BBC running on my HTC Touch Pro on the Maxis network, but am having a general performance problem with BBC on the HTC Touch Pro.

    Without BBC installed, the Touch Pro runs just fine. But after I install it try to access Messages or eMail from the TouchFlo tabs, it can take up to 60 seconds or more before the Inbox is diaplayed !

    I thought this might be a mismatch problem with the version of BBC I was using, but have tried several, from 97, through to the latest 104, and they all have the same problem.

    Without BBC installed, the Touch Pro works just fine.

    Did begin to suspect the OS, but couldn’t manage to find a later version which I could successfully load …

    Thoughts anyone ?

    • Yes..it is a common problem under Windows Mobile..Try not to integrate more than 1 emails(funny ha) and should be ok i think…and other issue when you tried to add the recipient the loading will be forever!!!!!

  4. mark

    But didn’t get this on my 838pro, or TyTn II, both running WM 6.0 with BBC 4.0.0.xx
    And I only have a BlackBerry mail account set up, plus one account for System messages …

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