Application Loader(Blackberry Desktop Manager)

The Application Loader is a wizard that allows you to update or remove applications on your Blackberry. This tool provides an easy way to update operating system components as updates become available or to install additional applications that may be available from third parties.

When you first begin using the Desktop Manager, a dialog box may appear asking you to update the Blackberry software to the most current version available on the CD. You can choose to install the update, or if you are certain that your Blackberry has the most current software version, you can choose to ignore the message. Either way, the process for installing and removing new software on the Blackberry functions in the same way with the provided wizard. To learn how to use this wizard, see “How to…Run the Application Loader.”

To run the Application Loader, follow these steps:

  • Open the Desktop Manager and double-click the Application Loader icon.

At device

  • Make sure your Blackberry is connected to the PC and click Next to continue. The wizard initializes the Blackberry and reads current information.

  • In the next window, you see the applications that are currently loaded or available for loading, such as the calculator, MemoPad, and others. Click the check box next to any of these items to install the most current version from the CD, and remove the check beside any item you want removed from the Blackberry.

  • If you have an additional item you want to install, such as something you downloaded from the Internet, click the Add button and browse for the file. The wizard will look for an Application Loader information file (*.ali). Just select the file and click Open, and it will be added to your list of available files for installation.

  • Once your list is complete, click Next—remember that any applications not selected will be deleted from the Blackberry if they are currently present on the handheld.
  • The next window presents you with two check box options. The first option enables you to erase any application data from the handheld. This feature is helpful if you want to lose old data before performing the upgrade. By default, this option is not selected. The second option erases all applications from the Blackberry before loading the new applications. This option can help you in the recovery of a failed installation, but is not typically something you should enable unless necessary, so do be careful not to erase applications accidentally. Make any needed selections and click Next.
  • A summary window appears. Review your settings and click Finish. The transfer occurs, and once it is complete, the Blackberry system reinitializes.

Tip: If you want to remove an application from your Blackberry, just launch the Application Loader again, remove the check beside the application that you want to remove, and complete the wizard instructions.

Sources:Mobile Device

  1. Georges

    Do you know a website where to download more blackberry application from? I bought my blackberry from someone, but he didn’t have the cd anymore. Well, I installed desktop manager and handheld software. the applicationn loader has no available applications to select.

  2. normally from you device you just go to‘s depending what application that you want to use and download..Your Blackberry device might even slow down or hang sometimes when there is not enough memory. It is always advisable to only keep applications that you require on the device and remove those that you don’t normally use

  3. lee

    how ar u/

  4. Hi Kapoot, how are you?

    I’ve been looking for answer how to transfer data from device memory to media card. Can you help me? So far nobody explained it in detail. I really need your help coz my BB is starting to load 5 times a day and that is very annoying. And if I could transfer it, will it affect the application? should I re-download them? (I use opera mini, ubbertwitter, buzz, and domikado)

    the second question is, how to set BB to save the application we downloaded from browser to media card?

    Thanks for your help. Very much appreciated.

    • hi menoedh,
      may i know what data that you would like to transfer? For your info, you would not be able to transfer the all the contacts to media card.
      file like pic,video,attachment file,mp3 you can transfer it by go to media>bb logo>explore>choose device memory and select move to media card (specified folder)
      The second thing,you would not able to store the applicaton on the media card storage.All the applications need os to run (device memory folder that OS in it)

      Happy to clear up your mind

  5. beast

    how do you add langues

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