Blackberry Desktop Redirector

Blackberry Desktop Redirector

Why must Blackberry Desktop Redirector?

It’s because your company implement a very high security access to email server  such as –VPN-virtual private network.


1. If you’re using this blackberry Desktop redirector, you unable to view the attachment and also time of receiving are not real time push

2. You might receive about 5 minute for 1 or 2 emails

3. It‘s only work with Microsoft Outlook Client and must always Open/on-line/24-7(do not closed the Microsoft Outlook)

4.If you’re already installed, please uninstalled it 1st.

At first make sure you download Blackberry Desktop Software 4.3(example) and follow this steps:

First Step:

Click next>

Select your Region and click Next>

Select “I accept the terms and the license agreement” and click Next>

Write user name and the organization.

Select /choose the application for all user or only username and then please click Next>

Select your folder/directory to install Blackberry Desktop Software and click Next>

Please select typical and click Next >

This is a crucial part. Make sure you select Blackberry Enterprise Server or Blackberry Desktop Redirector and click Next>

Please click on the Microsoft Exchange (typically used Microsoft Outlook client) click Next>

Please click on Redirect messages using the Blackberry Desktop Redirector Next>

Click install

Installation is in progress

Installation completed

2 .Shortcut icons will be appeared on the desktop

Make sure Microsoft Outlook is open and connecting

Go to Control Panel>click on the mailbox> Click on Show Profiles

Make sure you select the correct Profile to be use for email. For example: outlook

Step 3

Click on Desktop Manager Icon

At first it will prompt Connecting to Messaging system

Make sure you already connect the device using usb cable. Please make sure SERVER STATUS:



And it will prompted this pop up and clicks OK

Please move the mouse continuously until it complete the process

Go to click on option>profile setting. Please select the correct profile. Example:outlook.

Choose always use this profile.

Check the email setting

Click on General

Click On Filter

Click on security

Click on Advanced

Step 4

Click on Blackberry Desktop Redirector Icon

If you see the status is Disabled, please pull out the USB cable.

From your outlook, click on Send/Receive once.

and you will see the status is running

Forwarded =2.It is mean that 2 emails is already been delivered to blackberry handheld

Step 5

Microsoft Office Outlook

You can check out at outbox for the status of delivery status to handheld. If you received the

email, the outbox will be empty.

Happy To Help

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