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Make sure device is connected (plug in the Usb Cable attach with Blackberry)

Check at Task bar (green color is lighting)

Click at Backup and Restore

If you click backup it will backup all the data from blackberry to Pc@laptop and you need to select specific folder to store: example: c: My Document
If you click Restore, It will restore all the previous data that you saved before
If you click on Advanced, You can select or choose what data that you need to backup or restore

How Often Should You Back Up?

A common question concerns the frequency of backup: how often should you back up data on your BlackBerry?but the idea is to have the most current data backed up at all times so that it can be restored in the case of a failure. Here are a few guidelines that will help you make a decision that is right for you:

  • If data changes infrequently on your BlackBerry, back up once a week.
  • If data changes often, back up every three days.
  • If data is critical, especially e-mail messages, back up every day.
  • If you make a number of configuration changes on the BlackBerry,
    back it up that day.

Tip: Subsequent backup operations do not “write over” the previous file. For example, let’s say you created a backup file yesterday. When you create one today, the new file is given a different filename—it does not overwrite the old file unless you assign the same name and choose to replace the old file. As you can imagine, when several different backup files are available, the inclusion of date names as part of the backup files can be very helpful.

Happy To Help

Have you ever experienced this error: This Blackberry is registered with a different service provider.Please re-register this blackberry and verify the URL matches the one provided by your service provider.

The solution:

1.If using Blackberry, do the “Host routing table” and for Blackberry connect do the “Register Now”

2.Make sure Device PIN number is not attach with other Telcos.(Need to call that provider to remove the PIN

3.Re-check  with service provider for blackberry service activation

4.It could be the SIM card Is Faulty

happy tO help