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Per harp this post will lighten Our knowledge

If you’re using Blackberry Connect on Windows Mobile like:

1. HTC@Dopod

2. Motorola or Other s Brand

This is what you need to do 1st:

1.Install activsync from CD provided or just download it at


2. Get Blackberry Connect software version From CD provided or just download at


For Latest Windows Mobile 6 just download or or

*sukablackberry is not responsible for the contents that you’re downloading, but so far is Orait.

After downloading, open the ActiveSync application in order to install at you device.

Click on File>Connection Setting>

Click on Explore>it will prompt out Mobile device folder

Copy the blackberry connects Software Version that you already downloaded just now.

After that go to your device, Start>File Explorer

Click on bbconnect file to install

Click Next.

After rebooting


Or just click at Blackberry Logo at home menu

Tab at Utility>Register Now

Received the Wireless registration it says: Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network

After that check on Status is connected

Tab on> Identity to get the Pin and Imei

Tab on >Services>to check the provisioning and integrated emails

Go to Start>Messaging>you will see email account integrated

Connection Status Indication At Home Screen must if not click on the logo and does the register now or still failed re-check your software version or contact your provider.

Happy to help