Set up Blackberry Connect on NOKIA

This is what people been waiting for… cheer!!!

Example For: E61i (List of bb connect)

BlackBerry Connect on Nokia E61

Region: Asia pacific Operator: Other Model: E61i

Please Check what Software Version For your Model by Pressing *#0000#..If you’re instaling the wrong software version,yes the pin will appear but it will not be working (when you do the Register Now, it would not register the handheld at network)

So,You need to install the second one (NOKIA S60 Blackberry Connect 4.0(7.17.2)_2(.SISX,2,92MB)

The set up can vary from company to company but normally includes getting the BlackBerry software which is installed on the device and a BlackBerry Connect Desktop application that is installed on your PC. Don’t forget that you also need to have PC Suite installed.

Click on

Select the Software version that you already download and sent to device and it will begin to install.

Form the whole set-up, from when you started installing the BlackBerry on the Nokia E61i until it was completely up and running took less than 15 minutes.

Go to Home Menu>Click on Blackberry Folder

Click Setting

Make sure blackberry Service is ON and Click on option and register now

Request Submitted

Can check the registration >Go to Messaging>inbox

General Info >tab to the right

Service info

Tab to the right>general>Service Info

Service books

Provisioning [PROV] Note: if no items in the service books, Got to Service info tabs, click Options > Register now

Host routing

Device info

Tab to the right>general>Service Info>Device Info

You can get the pin Number at here

Now your Nokia Blackberry Connect is ready to use and ready for the email integration

Connection Status Indication


  1. excel

    sy sudah mlakukan semua petunjuk yg anda beri tahukan TERIMA KASIH YA, tp sesudah itu sy menemukan kendala mgaktifkannya. sy telah mncoba mengaktifkannya tp disitu trtulis blackberry service currently not connected, operation not possible. mksud nya apa dan rencana apa lg yg hrs sy lakukan?

  2. Excel,
    Kamu sudah subcribe BIS blackberry service? kalau tidak ada,kamu mesti register sama kamu punyer provider..

    Happy to help

  3. Irma Oktavianti

    Ada yg saya mo tanyakan. Kalau Nokia type E 63 apakah bisa u/ install blackberry connect ? Kalau bisa, minta tlg di buatkan tautannya ke email saya. Tlg di jawab yaa. Tks

  4. Enterprise like blackberry we won’t know if it has the sniff to be competitive. Good Luck Nokia.

  5. koko

    Klo sony ericsson m600i bisa tdk?

  6. uli

    blackberry connect itu software dimana prangkat yang digunakan bukan blackberry tapi bisa mengunakan fasilitas blackberry yah??? klo nokia c3 bisa install blackberry connect ga????nokia seri apa yah yang bisa…
    maaf nih banyak nanya…..

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