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I’ve been trying to search the screen shot application for SE but until now i didn’t get any!!!.Fuh!!!this is the best that i can do.Will update soon if i can get it

Check data connections configuration (only For M600i, P90i)

  • Main menu>Tools>Control panel>Connections>Internet accounts
  • tap More>New account>Data
  • Account name = kapoot (any name)
  • Address = celcom3g for 3G sim card and for 2G sim card
  • Uncheck at [username and password required]
  • tap More>TCPIP>IP config >select Automatically>Save
  • tap More>Proxy>uncheck [use proxy server]>Save
  • tap More>Log in>check [Enable PPP extensions]>Authentication>PAP >Save
  • tap YES for [If you want to use kapoot to connect to the internet or send and >Receive email; you must add it to a group account. Do you want to add Kapoot to a group account now?]
  • add to Group account>select Internet (default option) >Save
  • to confirm >tap Group>Internet
  • tap on kapoot>Priority>set to 1>Done>Save
  • Done

To begin the installation, please make sure you already have to :

Download the Blackberry Connect Software Version:to check> go to




For P1i, there are different version software for each phone/model.Need to get the correct Organizer version

Blackberry Connect 4.82 Client Software

This file is intended for P1i organizer software versions:
CXCxxx xxx R6E30
CXCxxx xxx R6F41
CXCxxx xxx R6G05

BlackBerry Connect 4.33 Client Software

This file is intended for P1i organizer software version: CXCxxx xxx R6D23.

Make sure you already Installed the Pc suited application:

Click On the Icon>make sure USB Cable is connected

Sync tine To Pc

Sample for P990i

Sample For P1i

After That Click on

Click Next

Select the BB Connect Software that already downloaded

Please check on your device to continue the installation

click at blackberry> you can see 3 tabs



Overwrite Phone Calender

Add tentative meetings to calender


You will  get the PIN number from here


service book

On the More Menu>

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  1. The Blackberry Desktop Redirector cannot run and no messages will be forwarded to your handheld. Your desktop computer / outlook must be on any time you want to receive messages on your handheld.
  2. If the Blackberry Desktop Redirector is not running, no E-mail messages will be forwarded to your handheld. Look for the Blackberry Desktop Redirector icon in the Windows System Tray on your PC. If it is there, the Blackberry Desktop Redirector is running. If it is not there, open the Blackberry Desktop Redirector by selecting Redirector from the Blackberry program group under Program Files in the Windows Start menu
  3. If you have the handheld in the cradle and you selected the option not to forward messages when the handheld is in the cradle, you will not receive any messages on your handheld. Take the handheld out of the cradle to find out if the messages are forwarding properly
  4. Have you created Microsoft Exchange Inbox assistant rules? If you have set up Inbox Assistant rules that move new messages from the inbox to another folder, they will not be forwarded to your handheld because the Inbox assistant moves them before the Blackberry Desktop Redirector can forward them. Once you delete the Inbox assistant rule, new messages should forward to your handheld. See your Microsoft Exchange documentation for more information .
  5. Have you set filter rules? If you have added some filters in the Redirector Configuration settings, you may have instructed Blackberry Desktop Software to send only certain messages to your handheld. Check the filters to make sure the messages you want to receive are being forwardbox assistant.

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It is used for Managing your:



3.Ring tone

Accessible via  device memory and media card.

click on media icon

How to manage your media with Blackberry Desktop Manager

Click on Media Manager and make sure device is connected  using USB cable

Using Roxio

Select file from Media card or Device memory

Now, you can move all the files easily form device to PC/laptop

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Support:Wi-Fi 802:11b/g

**8800 (Only selected Model)

How to set up WI-Fi Connection:

Home screen> select icon WI-FI


Scan For Network

Turn Wi-Fi ON

Scanning Networks

Select available Wi-Fi Network

Key in the WEP key if needed (security connection)

Connecting to Network

Save Profile

Setup completed click Finish

At Home Screen-Wi-Fi is Connected.Click on browser icon for browsing

Now your can double check the connection by click on Wi-Fi icon

Check IP Address: Option>status

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For your information, having a virus on the blackberry is very odd and not possible at this moment. As most viruses are designed to target Windows and most commonly user Operating System.And yes you would find that Anti-virus for blackberry if you goggle it.

IF there were viruses (or malware) for the Blackberry, all the major anti-virus companies, would have anti-virus software for the Blackberry. Many of them have AV versions for other mobile platforms, but none of them have AVs for the Blackberry.
IF there were viruses for the Blackberry, it would make the news in tech and business circles, but there simply aren’t viruses for the Blackberry at this time

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Tone and Vibration Setting

how to configure your profile at blackberry to:





5.Phone Only


and assigned with tone..

Go to Profiles icon

Go and select Advanced

Select profile that you would like to setup

Select on above to put the tone and vibration

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The Blackberry can synchronize with other PIM software, such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Netscape, and so on. This feature enables you to use PIM software on the PC while synchronizing data with the Blackberry. Whether you are connected or traveling, you always have access to the same information.

The available options are explored in the following sections.The Intellisync software allows you to easily synchronize information.

Configuring PIM Applications

Before you can use the Intellisync software, you must configure the desired PIM applications to work with the Blackberry.

The Intellisync window helps you easily configure the supported application(s) for this purpose.

The following steps show you how to configure the PIM application for synchronization with the Blackberry:

At Device:

Ensure that your Blackberry is connected to the PC and open the Desktop Manager

Click the Synchronize icon

Under Synchronization configuration> click synchronization

The Configuration dialog box appears, Select the type of application that you want to synchronize with (address book, calendar, MemoPad, or tasks), and then click the Choose button.

In the Choose Translator dialog box, select the application that you want to synchronize with

In the Synchronization option> Select how you want your calender data to be synchronized between device and outlook

Select your outlook profile

you’re done

Tip: The Advanced options may be slightly different, depending on the type of PIM application you want to synchronize with. For example, if you choose calendar, there is an additional tab that asks you about time and date synchronization.

Note:When you have configured the PIM applications that you want to synchronize with, you’re ready to run a synchronization. Notice that in the Intellisync dialog box, you have the option to synchronize the date and time on the PC with the Blackberry—an option you can enable by clicking the check box.

Note: If you choose to synchronize the Blackberry’s date and time with the PC, make absolutely certain the PC clock is correct. If you synchronize and the date and time are not accurate on the PC, it will disrupt any functions on your Blackberry that use date and time stamps (such as alarms, e-mail stamps, and so on).

Tip: Once synchronization is done, click the View Log button to see a log file of the entire synchronization process and all of the files that were synchronized.

Tip: Make sure you print your address book and keep a hard copy with you when you are traveling. In the event that your BlackBerry battery runs down, you’ll still have access to phone numbers and other needed information when you’re on the move.

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The Application Loader is a wizard that allows you to update or remove applications on your Blackberry. This tool provides an easy way to update operating system components as updates become available or to install additional applications that may be available from third parties.

When you first begin using the Desktop Manager, a dialog box may appear asking you to update the Blackberry software to the most current version available on the CD. You can choose to install the update, or if you are certain that your Blackberry has the most current software version, you can choose to ignore the message. Either way, the process for installing and removing new software on the Blackberry functions in the same way with the provided wizard. To learn how to use this wizard, see “How to…Run the Application Loader.”

To run the Application Loader, follow these steps:

  • Open the Desktop Manager and double-click the Application Loader icon.

At device

  • Make sure your Blackberry is connected to the PC and click Next to continue. The wizard initializes the Blackberry and reads current information.

  • In the next window, you see the applications that are currently loaded or available for loading, such as the calculator, MemoPad, and others. Click the check box next to any of these items to install the most current version from the CD, and remove the check beside any item you want removed from the Blackberry.

  • If you have an additional item you want to install, such as something you downloaded from the Internet, click the Add button and browse for the file. The wizard will look for an Application Loader information file (*.ali). Just select the file and click Open, and it will be added to your list of available files for installation.

  • Once your list is complete, click Next—remember that any applications not selected will be deleted from the Blackberry if they are currently present on the handheld.
  • The next window presents you with two check box options. The first option enables you to erase any application data from the handheld. This feature is helpful if you want to lose old data before performing the upgrade. By default, this option is not selected. The second option erases all applications from the Blackberry before loading the new applications. This option can help you in the recovery of a failed installation, but is not typically something you should enable unless necessary, so do be careful not to erase applications accidentally. Make any needed selections and click Next.
  • A summary window appears. Review your settings and click Finish. The transfer occurs, and once it is complete, the Blackberry system reinitializes.

Tip: If you want to remove an application from your Blackberry, just launch the Application Loader again, remove the check beside the application that you want to remove, and complete the wizard instructions.

Sources:Mobile Device

A.K.A Htc-Raphael run in WM 6.1.For blackberry connect software,you can download 4.0.0100 at link.What will disappointing you? you can only integrate 3 emails account=3 mail boxes.The service book is very limited and registration via hand held is too slow.PIN will pending about 5 to 30 minute(force registration click “register now” for many times).Nothing special about this device and it will make your day miserable.I choose blackberry!!!!

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Blackberry Bold 9000 Already In Malaysia!!!!!!! you can grab it form Celcom starting tomorrow 16th September 2008 and Maxis will be in late September 2008.Celcom will offer this phone at retail price of RM 2,499 while for Maxis subscribers will be available at the price of RM 2,199.


General Overview

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100


114 x 66 x 14 mm

133 g


65K colors

480 x 320 pixels
– Full QWERTY keyboard
– Trackball navigation
– Wallpapers


Polyphonic, MP3


– 3.5 mm stereo headset jack


Phonebook Yes, Photocall
Call records Yes

Card slot microSD (TransFlash), microSDHC, up to 8 GB, buy memory
– 128 MB flash memory
– 1 GB storage memory
– 624 MHz processor


GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g
Bluetooth Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
Infrared port No
USB Yes, v2.0

Features OS

BlackBerry OS
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Browser HTML
Games Yes + downloadable
Colors Black
Camera 2 MP, 1600×1200 pixels, video, flash
– Built-in GPS
– BlackBerry maps
– DataViz document viewer/editor
– Java
– Media player MP3/WMA/AAC+
– Video player DivX/WMV/XviD/3gp
– Organizer
– Calculator
– Voice dial
– Built-in handsfree
– Voice memo


Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh
Stand-by Up to 310 h
Talk time Up to 5 h


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Blackberry Desktop Redirector

Why must Blackberry Desktop Redirector?

It’s because your company implement a very high security access to email server  such as –VPN-virtual private network.


1. If you’re using this blackberry Desktop redirector, you unable to view the attachment and also time of receiving are not real time push

2. You might receive about 5 minute for 1 or 2 emails

3. It‘s only work with Microsoft Outlook Client and must always Open/on-line/24-7(do not closed the Microsoft Outlook)

4.If you’re already installed, please uninstalled it 1st.

At first make sure you download Blackberry Desktop Software 4.3(example) and follow this steps:

First Step:

Click next>

Select your Region and click Next>

Select “I accept the terms and the license agreement” and click Next>

Write user name and the organization.

Select /choose the application for all user or only username and then please click Next>

Select your folder/directory to install Blackberry Desktop Software and click Next>

Please select typical and click Next >

This is a crucial part. Make sure you select Blackberry Enterprise Server or Blackberry Desktop Redirector and click Next>

Please click on the Microsoft Exchange (typically used Microsoft Outlook client) click Next>

Please click on Redirect messages using the Blackberry Desktop Redirector Next>

Click install

Installation is in progress

Installation completed

2 .Shortcut icons will be appeared on the desktop

Make sure Microsoft Outlook is open and connecting

Go to Control Panel>click on the mailbox> Click on Show Profiles

Make sure you select the correct Profile to be use for email. For example: outlook

Step 3

Click on Desktop Manager Icon

At first it will prompt Connecting to Messaging system

Make sure you already connect the device using usb cable. Please make sure SERVER STATUS:



And it will prompted this pop up and clicks OK

Please move the mouse continuously until it complete the process

Go to click on option>profile setting. Please select the correct profile. Example:outlook.

Choose always use this profile.

Check the email setting

Click on General

Click On Filter

Click on security

Click on Advanced

Step 4

Click on Blackberry Desktop Redirector Icon

If you see the status is Disabled, please pull out the USB cable.

From your outlook, click on Send/Receive once.

and you will see the status is running

Forwarded =2.It is mean that 2 emails is already been delivered to blackberry handheld

Step 5

Microsoft Office Outlook

You can check out at outbox for the status of delivery status to handheld. If you received the

email, the outbox will be empty.

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Make sure device is connected (plug in the Usb Cable attach with Blackberry)

Check at Task bar (green color is lighting)

Click at Backup and Restore

If you click backup it will backup all the data from blackberry to Pc@laptop and you need to select specific folder to store: example: c: My Document
If you click Restore, It will restore all the previous data that you saved before
If you click on Advanced, You can select or choose what data that you need to backup or restore

How Often Should You Back Up?

A common question concerns the frequency of backup: how often should you back up data on your BlackBerry?but the idea is to have the most current data backed up at all times so that it can be restored in the case of a failure. Here are a few guidelines that will help you make a decision that is right for you:

  • If data changes infrequently on your BlackBerry, back up once a week.
  • If data changes often, back up every three days.
  • If data is critical, especially e-mail messages, back up every day.
  • If you make a number of configuration changes on the BlackBerry,
    back it up that day.

Tip: Subsequent backup operations do not “write over” the previous file. For example, let’s say you created a backup file yesterday. When you create one today, the new file is given a different filename—it does not overwrite the old file unless you assign the same name and choose to replace the old file. As you can imagine, when several different backup files are available, the inclusion of date names as part of the backup files can be very helpful.

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Have you ever experienced this error: This Blackberry is registered with a different service provider.Please re-register this blackberry and verify the URL matches the one provided by your service provider.

The solution:

1.If using Blackberry, do the “Host routing table” and for Blackberry connect do the “Register Now”

2.Make sure Device PIN number is not attach with other Telcos.(Need to call that provider to remove the PIN

3.Re-check  with service provider for blackberry service activation

4.It could be the SIM card Is Faulty

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Google Sync for your BlackBerry phone

Synchronize your BlackBerry®’s built-in calendar with your online Google Calendar.

  • Synchronize your mobile calendar with Google
  • Be alerted for upcoming appointments with sound and vibration using your BlackBerry’s native calendar
  • Visit from your device

Google Maps for your BlackBerry phone

Download Google Maps for mobile to your phone, and never carry a paper map again. Google Maps on your phone makes it easy to:

  • Determine your current location with or without GPS
  • Get driving and transit directions
  • Get phone numbers and addresses for local businesses
  • Visit from your device
  • Watch video

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