Common Error list for Blackberry User

1.Error 2738 when installing BlackBerry Desktop Manager

You get an error 2738 when installing BlackBerry Desktop Manager

VBScript support is not enabled by default in MS Vista.

1. Run Command Prompt as administrator
1.1 Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories
1.2 Right click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator
2. cd %windir%\system32

2.Error 721: Remote Server timeout

Cause 1: Device is locked to the wrong GPRS / 3G PPP link
Resolution: Perform a hard reset on the device

Cause 2: GPRS / 3G PPP link service is down
Resolution: Verify with a non-BlackBerry device to be used as a dialup modem. If successful, open docket with Celcom Network Operations & Maintenance

3.Error 718

Normally caused by an invalid APN set in the “Extra Initialization Commands”

Control Panel > Phone and Modems > Modems > Standard Modem > Properties > Advance

Make sure that it is at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”celcom3g” or “unet” (maxis)

If this is true, the SIM card might be a 2G SIM card. Advice the us er to go to Celcom/Maxis to change the SIM to a 3G SIM card.

If the SIM is a 3G SIM card, try doing a hard restart.

NOTE: To confirm that it is a 2G SIM , get the user to change the “Extra Initialization Commands” to at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”” “net” (Maxis) and initialize a dial-up. If this is successful, this confirms that the SIM is a 2G SIM because APN used is specifically for 2G SIM only.

4.Error 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other connecting device)


  1. The modem is turned off or malfunctioning.
  2. The handshaking options for the modem are incorrectly configured.
  3. The modem is unsupported. (Only Standard Modem is supported)

To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

Task 1

Do the hard reset and perform:

  1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer and ensure BlackBerry® Desktop Manager is turned on and able to detect the BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Go to Start > Control Panel > Phone and Modem options.
  3. In the Phone and Modem Options window, click the Modems tab.
  4. Select Standard Modem and click Properties.
  5. In the Standard Modem Properties window, click the Diagnostics tab.
  6. Under the Modem Information section, click on the Query Modem button.
  7. If the results are all positive, the BlackBerry smartphone is functioning correctly. If the BlackBerry smartphone user is unable to connect to the Internet, contact the service provider for further troubleshooting assistance.

5. Error 633


The COM port drivers are conflicting

To resolve this issue:

1.Perform a clean install of the COM port drivers by completing the following steps:

On your computer, uninstall BlackBerry® Desktop Software

2.Close all third-party software running in the system tray or background.

3.Go to Start > Settings > Network Connections.

Turn off the network connections.

4.If the BlackBerry smartphone user has firewalls running, turn the firewalls off.

Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.1 or later.

Restart the computer and confirm the following:

Third-party software is running in the system tray or background of the computer.

Network connections are turned on.

Firewalls on the computer are enabled.

Verify that the computer has COM ports available by completing the following steps:

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.

Double-click System.

On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.

Expand Ports.

Verify that COM ports are listed under Ports (for instance, COM1, COM2).

6. Error 628


The connection could not be completed because the connection attempt was terminated by the remote computer. Try the following:

1. If you are trying to establish a dial-up connection, make sure that the phone number you are dialing is correct. Try dialing this phone number from your telephone.

2. If you are trying to establish a connection by using a modem, you might need to change the modem settings.

To resolved:

Refer: Link


happy to help and more to come


  1. vicky larger

    the error that is showing up on my blackberry is not on any of the websites online….including i was just wondering what i should do. the error that is coming up is abort instruction

    what do i do about this?

  2. mza

    I am using blackberry 8707g, and I have tried so many things, but still getting error message 718. I am not sure what need to be done next. I have tried:


  3. Hi Mza,

    Please make sure what sim card that you have been using-2G or 3G sim card..

    please make sure you write do not copy and paste

    at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”celcom3g” or “unet” (3g maxis)(net 2g sim)

  4. devon

    Bought the BB storm in the Uk but when tried to conneect it in South Africa shows me invalid sim. tried both 2&3g.
    Please help.

    • Devon…

      Most of the devices form UK are Locked with the provider…from my experience you need to make sure your device is un-locked in order to use with other provider….
      happy to help

  5. poweron_99

    I’d purchase an unlocked BB Bold 9000 from S’pore.
    And applied Celcom BIS.

    Inserted the SIM (3G) card to the device; I couldn’t makes call and sending SMS, it consistently gave “SIM Toolkit Control Error. Tried Later”. However I’m able to receive calls and SMS.

    – when I manually select the network to Celcom 2G; then I can make calls & sending SMS.
    – when I using Maxis or Digi prepaid card, I can make calls & sending SMS.

    Sounds the device is working fine; I’m suspecting the Celcom SIM (3G) provisioning issue. Any help out there?

    • Poweron_99,
      this is weird man.
      1.Maybe you can change to new SIM card.
      2.What is the signal indicated? GSM,GPRS,EDGE,3G there HRT showing? option>advanced option>host routing table
      4.option>sms>network sen over >CS?

      happy to help

    • sia

      were you able to figure out a solution?? Please let me know!

  6. vizzel

    Hi kapoot,
    i am having exactly the same problem like poweron_99

    1. i already changed to a new sim card celcom 3G
    2. signal indicated is 3G
    3. yes, there is HRT showing
    4. yes, Circuit switched

    any idea?

  7. vizzel,

    What device are u using? it is BOLD or Storm?

    Maybe you could performed a wipe handheld or re-install the software version.
    please refer to this post
    happy to help

  8. bb

    i’m having the same problem. SIM Toolkit error. need help too!

  9. sia

    Was anyone able to figure this problem out? I am having the same issue!!

  10. parc_arm


    Ur Blog helps.

  11. JamalUUM

    Bila nak install BB App, ada error 907 invalid COD/JAR. Macammana nak solve

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