Blackberry as a tethered modem

Use blackberry as a Modem?…Make sure USB cable  connected to PC(dekstop) @ laptop.

1.Install Blackberry Dekstop Manager.This is the most important things caused it’s need to be open for entire connectivity

Can be download at  (link)

2.Check Virtual “com” Port that assigned

-My Computer>Control Panel>Phone and Modem Options

Select Modem > standard Modem

Select ‘Properties’ at the bottom > Diagnostics>Query Modem

Please make sure that the current modem is from Research In Motion as

shown in below figure.

Go to ‘Advanced’>nter the ‘Extra initialization Command’ as

at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”unet” for Maxis

at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”celcom3g” for celcom

Klick OK.

Control Panel > Network Connections – Select ‘Create New Connections’

– Then, select ‘Next’



– Select the Network Connection Type as below:

– Select ‘Next’

– Then, select ‘Set up the connection manually’

– Then, select ‘Next’

– Choose ‘How do you want to connect to the Internet’


– Select ‘Next’

– Enter the ISP Name as below (based on user preferences)




– Enter the Phone Number that need to be dial, which is *99#

– Then, select ‘Next’

– There is no need to key in any information for the account for Celcom

-but For Maxis Username:maxis,password:wap. then, select ‘Next’ - After that, right click on the newly created connection in “Network After that, right click on the newly created connection in “Network

Connections” and select “Properties”

– Select the “Modem – Standard Modem” and click “Configure”- Uncheck “Enable Hardware Flow Control”

4.Dial Up Connection

Click at Blackberry Modem Icon.Make sure Dekstop Manager Is open and connectyed with the device.

-Then, double click on the newly created connection and click on “Dial” to

start connection using the BlackBerry device to connect to the internet.

-The connection status will prompt while dialing.

Happy to help


  1. LAUHW

    Thanks for sharing this information. Otherwise, I will have to spend a few hours to wait for Celcom support to pickup my call..

  2. I’m happy to help…

  3. brian

    sorry for disturbing.

    i had follow the instruction u teach n set up my blackberry pearl 8310.
    but i still cant connect to internet.
    and in the Networking in the dial up connection properties, i realised that if i chose SLIP : Unix Connection as my dial up type, i m able to connect my laptop to internet via blackberry hp, but no bytes are receive or sent.
    and if i chose PPP: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000, Internet, the dial up process will be terminated. and i m using celcom unlimited package.
    I had set the APN as coz my simcard is a 2G simcard.

  4. brian..

    what is the error msg prompt out?????.
    3.Error 718

    Normally caused by an invalid APN set in the “Extra Initialization Commands”

    Control Panel > Phone and Modems > Modems > Standard Modem > Properties > Advance

    Make sure that it is at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”celcom3g” or “unet” (maxis)

    If this is true, the SIM card might be a 2G SIM card. Advice the us er to go to Celcom/Maxis to change the SIM to a 3G SIM card.

    If the SIM is a 3G SIM card, try doing a hard restart.

    NOTE: To confirm that it is a 2G SIM ,user need to change the “Extra Initialization Commands” to at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”” “net” (Maxis) and initialize a dial-up. If this is successful, this confirms that the SIM is a 2G SIM because APN used is specifically for 2G SIM only.

    please refer to this post:

  5. Thanks for the post. It really helps.

  6. Mitch

    I love your instructions.Do you have any information on how to use the BB modem with an Apple?

  7. Andrew

    Im using a Mac, and after some research, FINALLY i can get it online using my Blackberry Bold. But the thing is, Im not sure if its charging me as normal call, or using the unlimited data that i have subscribed with celcom.

    • megat

      Dear Andrew,
      Could you kindly share how do you do it? I tried many times to tether my BOLD to Macbook Pro but failed. Thanks

  8. Anand

    Once I dial-up, it goes to verifying username and password then it says ‘The PPP Link Control Protocol was terminated’.

    Any idea how to resolve this?

  9. Raj

    Hi kapoot,

    I’ve tried your instructions a few times now but I keep getting an error 628. Did an exhaustive search on google but none of the suggested methods worked. I’m on Celcom unlimited data plan. I’m resisting the urge to call customer service as it’s most probably not going to be a pleasant experience.

    Any ideas? Would appreciate all the help I can get.


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