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Use blackberry as a Modem?…Make sure USB cable  connected to PC(dekstop) @ laptop.

1.Install Blackberry Dekstop Manager.This is the most important things caused it’s need to be open for entire connectivity

Can be download at  (link)

2.Check Virtual “com” Port that assigned

-My Computer>Control Panel>Phone and Modem Options

Select Modem > standard Modem

Select ‘Properties’ at the bottom > Diagnostics>Query Modem

Please make sure that the current modem is from Research In Motion as

shown in below figure.

Go to ‘Advanced’>nter the ‘Extra initialization Command’ as

at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”unet” for Maxis

at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”celcom3g” for celcom

Klick OK.

Control Panel > Network Connections – Select ‘Create New Connections’

– Then, select ‘Next’



– Select the Network Connection Type as below:

– Select ‘Next’

– Then, select ‘Set up the connection manually’

– Then, select ‘Next’

– Choose ‘How do you want to connect to the Internet’


– Select ‘Next’

– Enter the ISP Name as below (based on user preferences)




– Enter the Phone Number that need to be dial, which is *99#

– Then, select ‘Next’

– There is no need to key in any information for the account for Celcom

-but For Maxis Username:maxis,password:wap. then, select ‘Next’ - After that, right click on the newly created connection in “Network After that, right click on the newly created connection in “Network

Connections” and select “Properties”

– Select the “Modem – Standard Modem” and click “Configure”- Uncheck “Enable Hardware Flow Control”

4.Dial Up Connection

Click at Blackberry Modem Icon.Make sure Dekstop Manager Is open and connectyed with the device.

-Then, double click on the newly created connection and click on “Dial” to

start connection using the BlackBerry device to connect to the internet.

-The connection status will prompt while dialing.

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Please make sure the Service Center number and Network to send over.

Go to OPTION>Sms>

service center No:+60193900000(celcom),+60120000015(maxis)

Network To send over is GSM

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BlackBerry Internet Service 1.8 and 2.x

Messages received using your BlackBerry Internet Service account may not exceed 8 MB, including attachments, regardless of the size of the mailbox.
Additional Information
This size limit includes overhead created by base64 encoding. After applying base64 encoding, the largest email message that can be sent via your BlackBerry Internet Service account is 5 MB. Exceeding that size makes the email message too large, due to base64 overhead.

The body will appear as Message truncated due to size when a message larger than 8 MB is sent to an email address that is associated to the BlackBerry Internet Service.

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Have you experience error:

1.”there is an error occured while try to access”

2.”WML converter was unable to convert the data: Null”

when trying to browse ;

1. When you click browser it prompted celcom/maxis wap portal or blank:
2. Using the face book application (error to view the profile)

To resolve:

1.Go to option >advanced option >browser > default browser (choose internet
browser instead of celcom/maxis)

2.Secondly double check=Go to option >advanced option >TCP.

Make sure APN is :celcom3g(celcom),unet(maxis)

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Open BlackBerry Browser

Go to

Search for the content

Click on Full Video or part 1,2,3 and choose “Save”.

Save 3gp file into your Memory Card and retrieve item from Media > Video > Select item to play

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1 .At the main menu/screen select OPTIONS



4. To do the “Register Now”

If using Blackberry 8100,8300 series please click/push the blackberry icon (on left side of trackball).

For 8700 series need to push the track wheel at right side of the device

5.After select the “Register Now”,message sent will prompt out and click OK

6. Receive the message at messages Envelope

7. Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network

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