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telnet 110 (p0p)

telnet 143 (imap)

If you can see a blank screen, means that the port is opened for that mail server and can be used by BIS .

*****another link to check

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Check mail server (nslookup)

type cmd and click ok

type nslookup and enter

type set type=mx and enter,after that type your domain

then you will find mail

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At first, please specified the usage:

  1. Individual
  2. Company

For individal,there is no problem caused they ONLY will using:

  1. Yahoo Email
  2. Gmail Email
  3. Hotmail plus (Normal hotmail email can’t be integrated with *BIS version 2.4)
  4. Normal Hotmail Email and Window live messenger can be integrated  (If using *BIS version 2.5)

*Ask Your  provider

Provided email account :

  1. (Celcom)
  2. (Maxis)

For Company, there are a few things need to be checked ,please refer with your it people.In Malaysia only 3 server being used at this time:

  1. Exchange (OWA) Outlook Web Access
  2. Lotus Domino
  3. Hosted Email by Others (cth: Cpanel)
  4. Novell GroupWise (No more(only a few still using it )

For you information, for those who register and used under company there will be a slide technical issue  need to be checked .So let me explained:

Exchange (OWA) Outlook Web Access

Exchange 2003 (OWA) Outlook Web Access.BIS *2.4

Exchange 2007 (OWA)can be integrated with BIS if using *BIS 2.5

Screen Shot OWA 2003

Screen Shot OWA 2007

Even though you’re using Owa, there is a few restriction that implemented by your company for security purposes:

  1. Security (ISA)

Screen Shot

2.VPN-virtual private network-Every time user would like to check email,they need to connect with their server.Normally International Company

Alternative ways:

  1. Forwarding rules.
  2. Blackberry Desktop Redirector

Lotus Domino

Rim do not support Lotus Domino for BIS when they upgraded to *BIS2.5 (Mail Connector had been removed)

Alternative ways:

1.Ask your IT admin to enable POP3 and IMAP (link)
2.forwarding rules.

Hosted Email by others (Example: Cpanel)

This is very simple and normally POP and IMAP is already activated.

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