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There may come a time where you will need to wipe your handheld clean like when returning the device for warranty replacement or repair. It’s always a good idea to do so, especially if you have sensitive information or anything incriminating on the handheld. You have the choice of either erasing all the data on your handheld, or erasing all the data and applications on your handheld.

Before you do that:

1.Make sure you are already backup all the data like phone book and other information using@ Desktop Manager.

To erase all data:

1. On the handheld, click the Options icon.

2. In the Options screen, click Security.

3. Click the trackballl and select Wipe Handheld.

4. Click Continue.

5. Type blackberry. All the data on the handheld is erased.

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What do JVM error codes mean?

The following table lists errors that can occur in the Java virtual machine (JVM) on BlackBerry handhelds.

Error Description

101 Internal JVM error.

102 Invalid code in file system. The .cod files in the handheld have been checked for modification and it has been determined that there is a problem with one or more .cod files.

103 The starting address for the boot .cod file cannot be found. This might mean that a boot .cod file has not been installed on the handheld, or that its format is invalid or corrupt.

104 An uncaught Java exception was thrown in the Java code and diagnosed by the JVM. Execution can be continued or the handheld can be attached to a debugger on a desktop through a serial or USB cable. The event log should contain the traceback of the thrown exception.

105 An OS file system API returned an error status for a certain operation. This can indicate a corrupt file system or an error in the JVM.

106 An error has been detected in the graphics system of the handheld.

107 Internal JVM error.

108 Internal JVM error.

109 Internal OS error.

110 Non-idle event downtime error. A problem has been detected in the accumulation of JVM down time that represents how long the JVM has been idle. This indicates an error in either the OS code or the JVM code.

200 Application manager threw an uncaught exception. The application manager event thread threw an uncaught exception and so cannot continue running.

201 Initialization of the cryptographic system failed and the handheld cannot continue to operate.

202 An attack on the key store has been detected, and the handheld cannot continue to operate.

203 The application manager console process, usually the Home screen ribbon, has failed, like due to an uncaught exception.

501 Internal error.

502 All processes exited. The last Java process has terminated, and there is nothing left to execute.

503 Internal error.

504 Internal error.

505 Internal error.

506 An uncaught Java exception was thrown in the initial VM Java thread thus killing the only live thread in the system. The event log contains the traceback for the exception.

507 A dependency on a .cod file could not be satisfied due to a missing .cod file. Load the missing .cod file onto the handheld.

508 Invalid object. A problem has been detected with a debugger command to the VM.

516 Error occurred during garbage collection, which might indicate a corrupted file system.

510 All threads are waiting on objects, which results in a deadlock. The system cannot recover from this state since no thread can release a lock.

511 A problem has occurred during debugging.

515 The reachable objects form a group that cannot be represented properly by the VM because there are too many objects or the total size of the objects is too large.

516 When committing a persistent object, the VM found that the persistent store id counter has reached its limit. The object was not committed.

517 An inconsistency has been detected in the VM persistent object store.

518 Internal error.

519 Internal error.

520 Internal error.

521 Indicates that Object.wait() has been executed by a thread that holds a lock on another object; occurs only in simulator if the JvmDebugWaits application switch.

522 A thread has acquired two locks on objects in an order that doesn’t match the order that previous locks for the two types were acquired, which indicates a future potential deadlock situation; reported only in the simulator when the JvmDebugLocks application switch is set.

523 A critical Java process has died and the device cannot continue to operate normally.

524 An object has been marked as recovered by the Low Memory Manager but it was not freed during a garbage collection. This is only checked in the simulator under the control of the JvmDebugLMM application switch.

525 Bad persistent object. An auto-commit operation during a garbage collection has detected a non-persistent object reachable from the persistent store root. The type of the object has been output into the event log.

526 The class definition for java.lang.Object cannot be found.

527 The class definition for java.lang.String cannot be found.

528 The file system is corrupted. Data on the handheld is unrecoverable.

529 The file system is corrupted. An attempt is going to be made to recover data, but some data might be lost.

530 Internal JVM error.

531 Flash memory has been exhausted.

532 A JVM assertion has been violated. This error can occur only in the simulator, not on an actual handheld.

Normally, if these error occurred , just wipe handheld and install new software version.

How to use GPS? Make sure you’re not in covered area.

scanning your Location

Go under Option>Advanced option>Gps

After scanning it will locate your lat n long

Go to map

Push the trackball and you will zoom with the mapping scale

You now can start to locate the place

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If you’re in this situation don’t panic!!!!!! just some small configuration in your device need to adjust (make sure no call barring ok):

Call Screen

Go under option

Smart Dialing

1.Make sure the country code is +60

2.National Number Length is 8 0r 10 (or just select 10)

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After downloading the Software:

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Please Refer to this link

Desktop Manager allows you to synchronize personal information management (PIM) data on the Blackberry with applications on your PC using RIM’s Intellisync software. For example, I use Outlook 2003 for mail and calendar PIM data. I can synchronize my Blackberry with Outlook 2003 so that my mail and calendar data are always in sync between the computer and the Blackberry.


When installing the blackberry desktop manager please make sure

Select typical

and select Blackberry Internet Service.

NOTE:If you are selecting the 1st one(Blackberry Enterprise Server Or Blackberry Desktop Redirector,you will keep on receiving network@etp…. email msg (w/ attachment).It says:This message is used to carry data between the BlackBerry handheld and an associated server. Please do not delete, move or respond to this message – it will be processed by the server.

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This is software version problem when we do the testing.

In this situation,user able to charge the device when plugged with Pc or laptop.

Device is under old version V4.1.0.378 (option>advanced option>about>

To resolved:

Please download at link

BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.2.2.302 (EastAsia)

Package Version:

Consisting of:

* Applications:

* Software Platform:

* File name: 8707vCJK_PBr4.2.2_rel302_PL3.4.0.24_A4.2.2.122_Celcom.exe

* File size: 70.57MB

and then click download…

After downloading, Plug in the blackberry with your pc or laptop and click

The downloaded files and it may begin the installation.

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If you are having issues with your BlackBerry such as your call logs or SMS/Text messages suddenly disappearing, the information will help you clear up the immediate issues facing your device.

Other symptoms of low-memory on your BlackBerry include losing pictures that reside in your device memory, losing emails within the time period it is set to keep messages on the device, and often simply shutting down and rebooting.

To do 1ST: On your BlackBerry, go to Options > Status. Check the “File free” entry. The number is expressed in Bytes, so a number there of “10123456” would indicate you have 10.12 Megabytes of memory free to use on your BB.
While there is not hard and fast rule of how much “File Free”, free memory, is required, the symptoms above are most noticed when the free memory is below 10MB. The lower the number, the more likely you will experience loss of call logs, SMS and email messages. It is recommended to strive to attain a file free higher than 15MB.

Tips:Hard Reset a device without removing the battery
From Home Screen: ALT + Right Shift + Del

To do 2ND

Removing the battery on your BlackBerry and replacing it, will often clear up between 2-10MB of free memory.

NOTE: This is commonly referred to as a “HARD reset” of the BlackBerry, and is recommended by RIM for circumstances such as these. Doing so will not delete any settings, applications, data, or personal information on the device. Rather, it simply clears the cached memory of the BlackBerry and releases memory to be free that has been in use by other applications and not yet released.

With your BlackBerry remaining powered on, remove the back cover, remove the battery and hold about 30 seconds. Replace the battery and allow the device to reboot. Check the file free status again, at Options > Status. You will notice a marked difference.

To do 3RD:
Since web browsing results in cached files on the Blackberry, try clearing the browser cache:

Use the application loader tool to remove any unused applications, such as themes, ring tones, or third-party applications OR go to option>advanced option>application>Delete/Remove application from device.

NOTE: Please try not to install too many applications on your device as the device memory is limited to 64MB.When this device memory is full, it will start to do garbage collection by removing old emails/sms/mms/phone logs and etc.

Your BlackBerry device might even slow down or hang sometimes when there is not enough memory. It is always advisable to only keep applications that you require on the device and remove those that you don’t normally use

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Adalah satu istilah dalam pengkomputeran yang tugasnya untuk mengenal pasti domain yang dibenarkan atau yang tidak dibenarkan masuk ke email server.
Sebagai contoh.

Situasi ini hanya berlaku di device anda apabila anda ingin menghantar email menggunakan blackberry dan anda masih lagi boleh menerima email melalui blackberry.

Owner akan mengarahkan computer/machine/email server sesiapa yang emailnya dengan akan diperiksa SPF dan computer/machine akan mereject email tersebut jika email tersebut diterima di mail server owner.

Jika ia berlaku kepada anda jangan panik, ini yang perlu anda lakukan;

1.Di email server letak 2 nie di WHITELIST

* and * under the WHITELIST.

2.Kalau tidak boleh juga,Suruh It admin disable SPF dan cuba hantar test email di blackberry.Still tidak boleh lagi :

1.Jangan guna SPF or

2.Re-check SPF setting

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1.Error 2738 when installing BlackBerry Desktop Manager

You get an error 2738 when installing BlackBerry Desktop Manager

VBScript support is not enabled by default in MS Vista.

1. Run Command Prompt as administrator
1.1 Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories
1.2 Right click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator
2. cd %windir%\system32

2.Error 721: Remote Server timeout

Cause 1: Device is locked to the wrong GPRS / 3G PPP link
Resolution: Perform a hard reset on the device

Cause 2: GPRS / 3G PPP link service is down
Resolution: Verify with a non-BlackBerry device to be used as a dialup modem. If successful, open docket with Celcom Network Operations & Maintenance

3.Error 718

Normally caused by an invalid APN set in the “Extra Initialization Commands”

Control Panel > Phone and Modems > Modems > Standard Modem > Properties > Advance

Make sure that it is at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”celcom3g” or “unet” (maxis)

If this is true, the SIM card might be a 2G SIM card. Advice the us er to go to Celcom/Maxis to change the SIM to a 3G SIM card.

If the SIM is a 3G SIM card, try doing a hard restart.

NOTE: To confirm that it is a 2G SIM , get the user to change the “Extra Initialization Commands” to at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”” “net” (Maxis) and initialize a dial-up. If this is successful, this confirms that the SIM is a 2G SIM because APN used is specifically for 2G SIM only.

4.Error 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other connecting device)


  1. The modem is turned off or malfunctioning.
  2. The handshaking options for the modem are incorrectly configured.
  3. The modem is unsupported. (Only Standard Modem is supported)

To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

Task 1

Do the hard reset and perform:

  1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer and ensure BlackBerry® Desktop Manager is turned on and able to detect the BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Go to Start > Control Panel > Phone and Modem options.
  3. In the Phone and Modem Options window, click the Modems tab.
  4. Select Standard Modem and click Properties.
  5. In the Standard Modem Properties window, click the Diagnostics tab.
  6. Under the Modem Information section, click on the Query Modem button.
  7. If the results are all positive, the BlackBerry smartphone is functioning correctly. If the BlackBerry smartphone user is unable to connect to the Internet, contact the service provider for further troubleshooting assistance.

5. Error 633


The COM port drivers are conflicting

To resolve this issue:

1.Perform a clean install of the COM port drivers by completing the following steps:

On your computer, uninstall BlackBerry® Desktop Software

2.Close all third-party software running in the system tray or background.

3.Go to Start > Settings > Network Connections.

Turn off the network connections.

4.If the BlackBerry smartphone user has firewalls running, turn the firewalls off.

Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.1 or later.

Restart the computer and confirm the following:

Third-party software is running in the system tray or background of the computer.

Network connections are turned on.

Firewalls on the computer are enabled.

Verify that the computer has COM ports available by completing the following steps:

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.

Double-click System.

On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.

Expand Ports.

Verify that COM ports are listed under Ports (for instance, COM1, COM2).

6. Error 628


The connection could not be completed because the connection attempt was terminated by the remote computer. Try the following:

1. If you are trying to establish a dial-up connection, make sure that the phone number you are dialing is correct. Try dialing this phone number from your telephone.

2. If you are trying to establish a connection by using a modem, you might need to change the modem settings.

To resolved:

Refer: Link


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Link to Download



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You are Unable to use BlackBerry as tethered modem to Mac laptop.This is unsupported.

There is another alternative and specific application(under MAC os)

Please Visit

Yes,If you google it, you may find out there is a way to establish it.

Unfortunately in malayisia we don’t find it is a need there is no way to do it unless if you can modified the script.

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Use blackberry as a Modem?…Make sure USB cable  connected to PC(dekstop) @ laptop.

1.Install Blackberry Dekstop Manager.This is the most important things caused it’s need to be open for entire connectivity

Can be download at  (link)

2.Check Virtual “com” Port that assigned

-My Computer>Control Panel>Phone and Modem Options

Select Modem > standard Modem

Select ‘Properties’ at the bottom > Diagnostics>Query Modem

Please make sure that the current modem is from Research In Motion as

shown in below figure.

Go to ‘Advanced’>nter the ‘Extra initialization Command’ as

at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”unet” for Maxis

at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”celcom3g” for celcom

Klick OK.

Control Panel > Network Connections – Select ‘Create New Connections’

– Then, select ‘Next’



– Select the Network Connection Type as below:

– Select ‘Next’

– Then, select ‘Set up the connection manually’

– Then, select ‘Next’

– Choose ‘How do you want to connect to the Internet’


– Select ‘Next’

– Enter the ISP Name as below (based on user preferences)




– Enter the Phone Number that need to be dial, which is *99#

– Then, select ‘Next’

– There is no need to key in any information for the account for Celcom

-but For Maxis Username:maxis,password:wap. then, select ‘Next’ - After that, right click on the newly created connection in “Network After that, right click on the newly created connection in “Network

Connections” and select “Properties”

– Select the “Modem – Standard Modem” and click “Configure”- Uncheck “Enable Hardware Flow Control”

4.Dial Up Connection

Click at Blackberry Modem Icon.Make sure Dekstop Manager Is open and connectyed with the device.

-Then, double click on the newly created connection and click on “Dial” to

start connection using the BlackBerry device to connect to the internet.

-The connection status will prompt while dialing.

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